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Dr. Susan Libes
Interim Director

Water Quality Monitoring on the CCU Campus

The goal of the on-campus monitoring project is to provide an assessment of water quality conditions in the stormwater ditches and retention ponds on campus, all of which eventually send waters off campus towards the Waccamaw River.  Adjacent neighborhoods also send stormwater flows from their ditches into CCU ditches.  This facilitates an analysis of the data from a watershed perspective. 

Campus water testing - wall pond

Students will obtain a synoptic picture of water quality and physical conditions at selected sites on campus.  This will be done every other week during the academic semesters. The data will be collated to explore time trends to evaluate whether water quality is improving or degrading over time at some or all of the sites. Data will be displayed on-line as the unified geospatial database becomes deployable.

Campus water testing