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This project is the construction of a 130,000 sf student recreation and convocation center. The recreation center will include space for fitness/cardio and weight training, three multipurpose rooms, a rock climbing wall and an indoor track. The convocation center will provide bleacher seating for approximately 3,600 with additional floor seating to accomodate approximately 4,000 for non-athletic events. This space will act as a multi-function venue providing courts for men's and women's basketball and women's volleyball, locker rooms, food service concessions, coaches offices, a hospitality suite and support spaces.

Upon completion of the Student Recreation/Convocation Center the Williams Brice building and gym will be refurbished and mechanical systems upgraded to provide improved space for student fitness and intramural activities.

Project Budget


Estimated Start Date

May, 2010

Estimated Completion Date

February, 2012

Status of Project

January 04, 2013 - Garvin Design Group submitted to USGBC for LEED certification.

September 19, 2012 - Polysonics on site for systems training in convocation center.

September 07, 2012 - Balcony chairs scheduled for delivery with installation to follow.

September 04, 2012 - Signage company installing way finding signs.

August 15, 2012 - Continuing to address items on punch list.

August 07, 2012 - Contract final completion.

July 11, 2012 - Permanent key cylinder cores 100% installed.

July 09, 2012 - Contractor continues to work on punch list and cleaning of the building.

July 02, 2012 - Interior punch list is 75% complete and the exterior punch list is 65% complete.

June 25, 2012 - General contractor continues to work down the punched list items.

June 04, 2012 - Architect is 98% complete with punch list.

May 24, 2012 - Construction Progress Meeting scheduled.

May 17, 2012 - Construction Progress Meeting scheduled.

April 12, 2012 - Construction progresss meeting held.

April 11, 2012 - Mondo and Terrazzo flooring 100% complete.

April 11, 2012 - Furniture requisitions 95% complete and submitted to Procurement.

April 09, 2012 - Installation, testing and inspection of all three elevators scheduled.

April 09, 2012 - Installation of Datronics Scoreboard Systems equipment scheduled.

March 15, 2012 - Construction progress meeting scheduled.

March 14, 2012 - Plumbing sub-contractor is making pipe connections for the kitchen equipment.

Electrical sub-contractor setting light fixtures and pulling wire for fire alarms and smoke detectors.

Drywall sub-contractor finishing and sanding ceilings at entrances of Convocation Center.

Wood lockers ar being installed in the home athletic locker room.

Fire extinguishers are being installed.

VCT has been installed in the corridor of Sector 2.

All three elevators have been installed and waiting inspections.

Painting sub-contractor is painting exterior of Recreation Center.

Climbing wall skin is installed.

Footbridge sub-contractor has footings and seawalls installed for both bridges.

Glass is being installed in the interior curtain walls of the Recreation Center, first floor.

Ceiling mounted acoustical tiles have been installed on second floor, Recreation Center.

Wood Flooring sub-contractor - Sanded and sealed Convocation Center floor and court lines and logos are being painted on the floor.

Mondo flooring installtion 90% complete.

Bleacher installation complete.

Floor covering is installed in visitors locker room, game officials locker room and coachs locker room.

Wall covering installed on walls of the restrooms of the second floor, Sector 3.

Security gate systems have been installed.

Doors are being installed throughout the building.

Railing around climbing wall being installed.

HTC has completed 100% of the installation of fiber optic and low voltage wiring in the IT room.

Daktronics Scoreboard Systems equipment installed.

Procurement has been given 95% of the furniture, fixtures and equipment requisitions.

February 02, 2012 - Interior signage meeting and construction progress meeting scheduled.

February 01, 2012 - Plumbing sub-contractor - Installing toilet fixtures and partitions.

Mechanical sub-contractor - Installing grills in Concourse area and insulating piping above ceiling of Rec Center.

HVAC Controls sub-contractor - CMI adjusting control system.

Electrical sub-contractor - Pulling wire and setting fixtures and switches.

Masonry sub-contractor - Pointing up interior walls in Rec Center.

Drywall sub-contractor - Sanding & prepping sheetrock walls.

Ceramic Tile sub-contractor - Installing the tile floors in concessions.

Elevators - Elevators installed waiting for inspections.

Climbing Wall - Complete.

Site sub-contractor - Leveling and compacting the southwest front corner.

Sidewalks - Poured on the south side of building.

Curtain Wall sub-contractor - Installing interior curtain walls in the Recreation Center.

Wood Flooring sub-contractor - Installed wood floor in Convocation Center.

Security gate systems - Installed at all concessions and main entrance to book store.

Building wide railing systems - Installed with the grills in Recreation Center.

Doors, Casework, Counter, Hand Dryers,Vanity Tops - Being installed.

Exterior light foundations - Being set and poured in the west side of building.

AV & Lighting Systems - Wiring is being pulled.

HTC - Completed 100% of installation of fiber optic and low voltage wiring.

Daktronics Scoreboard Systems - Equipment has been installed.

Furniture, fixtures and equipment is being coordinated with Garvin Design Group.

December 07, 2011 - Plumbing sub-contractor - Setting fixtures in public restrooms on 1st floor.

Mechanical sub-contractor - Insulating ductwork and pipes and connecting supply and return pipes in Concourse.

HVAC Controls sub-contractor - CMI is setting and adjusting contols system.

Electrical sub-contractor - Installed 75% of exterior lighting.

Masonry sub-contractor - Topping out the enterior face of the Southwest exterior wall.

Drywall sub-contractor - Installing sheetrock ceiling over the track in the Concourse.

Ceramic Tile sub-contractor-Installing floor tile in public restrooms of the Concourse.

Fire Sprinkler sub-contractor - First floor area complete.

Painting sub-contractor - Applying first of two finish coats in Athletic Locker rooms.

Elevator contractor - Install one elevator and working on installing the other two.

Climbing wall skin in installed and finished.

Site sub-contractor - Digging bio-swae along the south side of building.

Room dividers are installed in the Convocation Center.

Exterior window shading grills installed in the south curved wall.

Curtain Wall sub-contractor - Installing glass at the East side stairwell; Southeast corner stairwell is complete.

Speaker clusters installed.

HTC is scheduled to start installation of fiber optic and low voltage wiring this week.

Daktronics Scoreboard Systems equipment has been installed. Computer and assiciated equipment will be installed at a later date.

November 16, 2011 - Construction continues in all areas of the building.

October 17, 2011 - Plumbing sub-contractor - installing water lines in the main mechanical building.

Mechanical sub-contractor - Installing ductwork on the first and second floor of the Bookstore.

HVAC Controls sub-contractor - Pulling control wire and setting controls in mechanical building.

Electrical sub-contractor - Hanging light fixtures in the Mechanical building.

Installing above ceiling conduit in the Bookstore.

Installing conduit and pulling wire in the Hospitality and Presidential Suites.

Installing conduit in first floor Concourse and Recreation Center.

Masonry sub-contractor - Installing architectural stone on the south exterior wall.

Window and Curtain sub-contractor - Set approximately 30% of the window on second floor of the Recreation Center. Installed 100% of the skylight roof panels over Concourse. Installed 505 of the skylight panels over Climbing Wall.

Exterior Metal Panel sub-contractor - Most of exterior wall panels have been installed.

Drywall sub-contractor - Installing metal studs for the soffit and hard ceiling on first floor Recreation Center.

Steel for climbing wall is being installed and the wall exterior skin has been delivered.

Steel fabricators are installing steel facing for railing system at Southwest balcony lobby.

Fire Sprinkler sub-contractor - Installed sprinkler piping and down leaders in Bookstore, first floor.

Painting sub-contractor - Painting in the Athletic Office area, Sector 3, second floor.

Ceramic Tile sub-contractor - Preparing walls of the Athletic Locker rooms in Sector 2 for wall tile.

General Contractor - Installed 50% of wood roof decking on the east side Main Entrance and 30% on west side Main Entrance.

Santee Cooper has connected both transformers and the Main Mechanical has permanent power.

Foremost Contracting - Completed the installation of the natural gas line.

September 21, 2011 - Plumbing sub-contractor - Insulating pipe in Bookstore area.

Mechanical sub-contractor - Insulating and cleaning ductwork on 2nd floor. His work in Main Mechanical Building is complete.

HVAC sub-contractor - Pulling wire and setting controls in Sectors 2,3,4,and 5.

Electrical sub-contractor - Pulling wire throughout building and to air handlers.

Masonry sub-contractor - Installing architectural stone on south wall and topping out interior brick walls.

Window & Curtain Wall sub-contractor - Set 30% of the windows on 2nd floor of Recreation Center. Installed 25% of the skylight roof panels over the Concourse.

Exterior Metal Panel sub-contractor - Installing exterior gutter system for upper Convocation Center.

Site sub-contractor - Placing 57 stone under the cooling towers in Main Mechanical building.

Drywall sub-contractor - installing studs in the Athletic Laundry Room.

Steel Erector sub-contractor - Reworking finished steel around suspended portion of running track.

Fire Proofing sub-contractor - Sprayed 1st floor of Bookstore and 65% of the 2nd floor.

Rool-Up Door sub-contractor - Installed doors in the Mechanical building.

Ceramic tile has been installed in the shower areas of the Coaches and Referee Locker Rooms.

Santee Cooper is connecting both
transformers and the Main Mechanical building.

Interior gas lines are 88% complete.

Furniture, fixtures and equipment are being coordinated.

August 03, 2011 - Plumbing sub-contractor - Insulating the above ceiling piping in Concourse.

Mechanical sub-contractor - Installing and insulating ductwork on first and second floors.

HVAC sub-contractor - Pulling control wire in coinduits, Sector 3 and 4, second floor.

Electrical sub-contractor - Setting transformers, switch gear and panels in all electrical rooms on first floor.

Masonry sub-contractor - Concentrating his efforts on East and West Main entrances.

Site sub-contractor - Installing trench drain, concrete curb and gutter system at east side parking area.

Drywall sub-contractor - Installing portions of soffit in Concourse area.

Steel Erector - Adjusting and welding curved structural steel on south wall. Installed stairs in stairwell to Hospitality Suite and installing the monumental staircase in Bookstore.

Painting sub-contractor - Placed finish coat of paint in Sector 3, first and second floors and the majority of the walls in Sector 2 and Athletic Locker Room area.

July 27, 2011 - Contract for AV and lighting systems project have been awarded to Strategic Connections of Myrtle Beach.

June 30, 2011 - Construction site meeting.

June 27, 2011 - Plumbing Sub-contractor - Installed above ceiling water lines in Hospitality Suite.

Mechanical Sub-contractor - Installing and insulating piping ductwork in Recreation Center.

Electrical and Mechanical trades are working in building.

Masonry Sub-contractor - Laying exterior brickwork on South, west and east walls.

Window & Curtain Wall Sub-contractor - Installed exterior door framing at the northeast and northwest main entrances.

May 25, 2011 - Steel Erector - Setting structural steel for the roof and roof decking in Sector 5.

Drywall Sub-contractor - Metal studs are set for the interior soffits on the second floor of the Recreation Center and Athletic Locker Rooms.

Electrical Sub-contractor - Pulling homeruns in Sector 2 and lighting conduit runs in the Convocation Center.

Roofing Sub-contractor - Has 35% of the sub-roof installed on upper portion of the Recreation Center.

Mechanical Sub-contractor - Connecting the three exterior air handlers above the Recreation Center.

Brick/Block Mason - Installing exterior brick.

May 19, 2011 - Pre-Bid Conference for AV and Lighting Systems Project.

May 11, 2011 - Steel Erector sub-contractor has completed metal roof decking for 2nd floor Recreation Center.Steel roof trusses that make up the concourse roof are at 70% complete and the second floor metal decking is being placed in Sector 5.

Drywall Sub-contractor is installing metal studs for the exterior walls of the upper portion of the Main Concourse and around the south wall.
Installed ceiling soffits in the Athletic Locker Rooms in Sector 2.

Electrical sub-contractor installing above ceiling conduits in Recreation Center.

Mechanical sub-contractor is installing ceiling piping and ductwork, first floor.

Plumbing sub-contractor is Installing water and drain piping on second floor.

Fire-sprinkler sub-contractor is installing sprinkler piping in the Convocation Center area.

Furniture, fixtures and equipment are begin coordinated through Garvin Design Group.

Received Basketball Backstop bids, Athletic Department reviewing.

May 05, 2011 - AV and Lighting Systems Project advertised in SCBO.

April 27, 2011 - Project Update:

Concrete flooring in Recreation area, second floor 85% complete.

Metal roof decking for the second floor Recreation Center is 85% complete.

Steel roof trusses for concourse roof are 70% complete.

Drywall sub-constractor installing metal studs for exterior walls of upper portion of Main Concourse.

Electrical sub-contractor installing conduit in Sector 3, East side entrance to Convocation Center.

Air handlers 1 and 3 in place on roof of Sector 2.

Fire-proofing sub-contractor working in Sector 3. Spray-on acoustical on the underside of the roof deck in the Convocation Center is complete.

Brick/Block Mason is in Sector 2 working on interior walls of the athletic locker rooms and restrooms on second floor Recreation Center.

March 18, 2011 - Project Update:

First floor concrete floor slabs are 88% complete, building-wide.

Second floor concrete floor slabs are 17% poured, building-wide.

All poured in place concrete walls are complete.

Exterior and interior concrete block work is 90% complete, building-wide.

Structural steel 85% installed, building-wide.

One stairwell (northeast) is complete.

The North Sector (athletic locker rooms)and East Sector (athletic offices) roofing system has been installed.

Mechanical systems cooling towers have been installed.

Mechanical systems interior piping, ductwork and VAV boxes are being installed.

Mechanical systems ductwork is being installed in the Convocation Center.

Electrical and plumbing sub-contractors up to date with the mason in their inatallation of in-wall conduit and piping.

Metal studs are going in place for the east side athletic office area, second floor.

October 11, 2010 - OSE site visit.

September 11, 2010 - Building foundation completed.

May 20, 2010 - Pre-construction meeting scheduled.

May 20, 2010 - Construction begins.

April 28, 2010 - Bid opening scheduled. Awarded to PC Construction of Greenwood, Inc.

April 14, 2010 - Mandatory pre-bid meeting held.

February 23, 2010 - Construction documents submitted to OSE for final review. Plans and specs at Coastal Carolina University for review.

February 05, 2010 - Architects 80% into construction document phase of design.

October 29, 2009 - Architects have completed design development and are now in early phase of developing construction documents.

July 14, 2009 - Architects preparing Phase II contract.

June 29, 2009 - A-1 for Phase II construction approved by SC Budget & Control Board.

June 03, 2009 - A-1 for Phase II construction approved by Joint Bond Review Committee.

May 07, 2009 - A-1 for Phase II construction approved by SC Commission on Higher Education.

April 17, 2009 - A-1 for Phase II Construction submitted to Commission on Higher Education for approval.

December 19, 2008 - Planning Committee continues to work with Architect on design phase.

November 19, 2008 - Architectural Selection Committee interviewed Architectural Design Teams from short list. Garvin Design Group was selected for design services.

November 05, 2008 - Short Listing for Architectural Design Team.

October 23, 2008 - Resumes due from Architectural Design Team.

September 15, 2008 - To be advertised in the South Carolina Business Opportunities for an Architectural Design Team.

August 12, 2008 - A-1 for design phase approved by Budget & Control Board.

June 17, 2008 - A moratorium on construction projects set by Budget & Control Board.

June 04, 2008 - A-1 in amount of $310,000 for design phase approved by Joint Bond Review Committee.

May 13, 2008 - A-1 submitted to Commission on Higher Education in the amount of $310,000 for design phase. Commission on Higher Education staff approved.


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