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To create and sustain a stronger sense of institutional community and culture among Coastal Carolina University’s faculty, staff, students, alumni, and all stakeholders. This mission is accomplished through providing the infrastructure and service training needed to ensure a productive, supportive, and educational work environment.


To play a vital role in our campus’ retention efforts by cultivating pride, encouraging growth, and providing continuous training and service resources for the university community. 

President Dr. DeCenzo and Director of Service Excellence Eileen Soisson thanking student, Jordan Smith for his wonderful civic engagement on campus‌Feel the Teal is about... 

Treating students and one another in a manner that demonstrates their value and importance.

Students receiving quality education inside and outside the classroom to prepare them for their future as productive, responsible, healthy citizens.

University visitors receiving a tour that elevates our campus over any other.

Staff and faculty communicating effectively with each other to design, and help our students navigate, our processes as quickly as the students’ effort allows. 

"Colleges are starting to see higher education in business-like realities. They are realizing that revenue depends on selling the college (recruitment) to its customers (students and families). Sales (enrollment) are based on the college's brand on the college's brand (image), product (courses, programs, degrees), and by creating a connection with the customer (customer service)."

- Neal Raisman, PhD, Embrace the Oxymoron: Customer Service in Higher Education





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