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Spring 2013 Registration Reminders

2012 FAFSA Filing Tips

  1. If you haven't completed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for this upcoming school year, you should complete the 2012-2013 FAFSA online at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ immediately.
  2. Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to upload IRS data into your FAFSA; eliminating errors and incorrect reporting

Federal Title IV Census Date

Coastal Carolina University uses the last date of the 100% tuition refund period as the official FAS census date for all federal aid recipients. Per federal regulations, federal aid cannot be awarded for classes added AFTER the institution's census date (100% refund) for the semester.

In summary:

  • In order to receive Stafford, Perkins or PLUS loans, you must be enrolled in at least 6 eligible credit hours on the FAS census date. Classes added after the FAS census date will NOT be counted as eligible credit hours for federal Title IV aid.
  • Pell amounts will be awarded based on the number of eligible credit hours that you are registered in as of the FAS census date. Classes added after the FAS census date will NOT be counted as eligible credit hours for federal Title IV aid.
  • Also keep in mind the repeat policy when determining federal Title IV eligible credit hours.

Federal Pell Grant Regulation-"Lifetime Eligibility Used"

Several CCU students have received an email from Federal Student Aid stating that their Pell Grant eligibility has been exhausted. Effective July 1, 2012, students will be limited to six years of full-time Pell Grant funding. (Six years of eligibility is defined as 600%.). In the past, students were eligible to receive up to nine years of full-time Pell Grant eligibility. This change affects all students - new and returning. For example, if you have been receiving a Pell grant for eight years, you are immediately excluded and ineligible for a grant for the next school year because you have surpassed 600% eligibility. Email CCU at finaid@coastal.edu with questions if you have received one of the emails from Federal Student Aid.

Federal Regulation Regarding Repeat Courses

A student who repeats a previously passed course in a term may receive Title IV funds for that repeated class for the first time only (i.e., one repetition per class). If a particular course is repeated more than once, a student is not eligible to receive Title IV funds for that repeated class, and the class cannot be counted towards Title IV eligibility.*

* Federal Title IV Aid consists of: Pell, SEOG, Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, Perkins Loans, TEACH Grants and Federal Work Study. The South Carolina Need Based Grant is not federal aid but follows all federal Title IV regulations.)


Have you:

  1. Completed Entrance Loan Counseling
  2. Signed your Master Promissory Note

If not, please click here for instructions and links under the  'How To Apply' heading.