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Borrower Benefits

Before School:

In School:

After School:

Front-End Benefits:  

Font-end benefits are awarded to you automatically when your loan is disbursed. You do not have to actively meet specific requirements in order to receive them, but you may be required to reimburse your lender for front-end benefits later should you choose to consolidate your loans. Before you consolidate, read all the materials your lender sent you to ensure you understand the terms of your loan.


  -  Fee Waivers

Borrower Self Certification: 

Some educational loan borrowers must complete the Private Education Loan Application Self-Certification Form when applying for an educational loan. The form helps to ensure you understand how financing your education using loans may affect your eligibility for other financial aid.

The form is required by the Higher Education Act for All Private Education Loans when a borrower uses loans for post-secondary educational expenses while attending a higher education institution. It is not required for Federal Stafford or Grad PLUS loans. Your lender will let you know if you need to complete the form during your application process.

Back-End Benefits: 

Back-end benefits are awarded to you after your loan has been disbursed. They are generally not automatic and require you to actively earn them by meeting specific eligibility requirements. Back-end benefits can be lost if you fail to meet or maintain eligibility requirements or if you choose to consolidate your loans.


  -  Electronic Debiting Incentives

  -  Interest Rate Reductions

  -  Principal Reductions