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ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - Frequently Asked Questions

Which Process Forms are required?
  • Process: Requesting personal reimbursement
    Form Needed: "Expense Settlement" form, available on our Online Forms
  • Process: Requesting a petty cash reimbursement
    Form Needed: "Expense Settlement" form, available on our Online Forms
    (Receipts, and if for food purchases, a Food Expense Justification form is also required)
  • Process: Requesting personal reimbursement for food expenses
    Form Needed: "Expense Settlement" form and also complete the Food Expense Justification section
    available on our Online Forms
  • Process: Requesting a Purchase Order (PO) or Blanket PO
    Form Needed: Purchase Requisition
  • Process: Requesting payment of an invoice $5,000 or less for goods already received such as dues and subscriptions (when not PO was done)
    Form Needed: No form is necessary. You should use your P-Card when charges are allowable. Write the account number to charge on the invoice and have the budget officer sign the invoice. If you cannot pay the invoice with your P-Card then forward to Accounts Payable by email to apinvoices@coastal.edu; DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL INVOICE.
  • Process: Requesting reimbursement for moving expenses
    Form Needed: "Relocation Expense Reimbursement" is available on our Online Forms.
If I've had a Purchase Order generated, do I need to let anyone know when I receive the goods ordered?

If you receive the goods directly in your office instead of through the Receiving Department, you must notify Receiving in writing – email is the most convenient method (receiving@coastal.edu) – that you have the goods. They must be "accepted" in the computer system before AP can pay the bill. If the goods come to you through the Receiving Office, no notification is necessary.

Must I have an original receipt(s) when I request reimbursement for goods/supplies I have purchased for the University?

Yes, you must attach original receipts to the Expense Settlement Form.

How long does it take to receive a personal reimbursement?

Reimbursements are processed within two weeks from receipt of the request in Perceptive Content.

Who must approve personal reimbursements?

Personal Reimbursement forms must be signed by the Budget Officer for the account to be charged.

Can I approve my own Personal Reimbursement form?

Yes, but only if you are the budget officer for that account.

Can I pay for food from a "10" account?

Generally, food and beverage expenses are not allowed in 10-funds. There are certain exceptions, such as Commencement or Recognition activities, meals for individuals while in travel status, Board of Trustees activities, candidate interviews, University-sponsored student activities, and other special uses as approved by the President.

When do I need to complete a Food Expense Justification Form?

You must complete a Food Expense Justification Form anytime you are requesting reimbursement for food (meals or food purchased for meetings, etc.). This form is now included on the Expense Settlement Form, unless it is for Aramark and then there is a separate FEJ for Aramark.

How do I complete a Food Expense Justification Form?

You must complete the whole FEJ section, listing all individuals who attended the event. The budget officer signs as Cost Center Director or if the expense has been authorized by an Executive Officer (President or Provost and Executive Vice President) for payment from an account for which he/she is the budget officer, he/she must sign as Executive Officer.

How do I pay Aramark when I have food catered?

You should complete an Aramark Food Expense Justification Form, print it, obtain approval signatures and forward it to Aramark. They will submit an invoice to AP for payment. This must be sent to Aramark before the catered event. If you are using CEF Funds, the CEF Expenditure Form (Pink Form) must be sent at this time too.

What do I do with a packing slip that I receive?

Send any packing slip that you receive to the AP Office. Please sign and date the packing slip to indicate your approval to pay.

What if items I receive are different from those listed on my Purchase Order (more than I ordered of one or more items OR a different item that was not listed)?

Contact Purchasing and request a Change Order if you wich to keep the items. If you do not want to keep the items, contact the Receiving department for assistance in returning the items to the vendor.

Can I reimburse moving expenses to a new employee?

Yes, you can reimburse a new employee for moving expenses as long as the following procedures are followed:

  • The amount of the moving expense reimbursement allowed must be approved by the President or his designee during the hiring process and should be stated in the new employee's offer letter.
  • Once the move has occurred, a Relocation Expense Reimbursement form should be completed and submitted to the Accounts Payable Office along with original moving expense receipts.
What are acceptable moving expenses?

Qualified Moving Expenses:

  • Moving of household goods and personal effects from former residence to new.
  • Cost of lodging during the move from the former residence to the new.
  • Shipping charges for cars and pets.
  • Mileage reimbursement (at current IRS moving reimbursement rate) or gas receipts during dates of move.

Non-qualified Moving Expenses:

  • Meal Expense
  • Temporary Living Expenses
  • Pre-move house hunting (after accepting employment)
  • Loss on sale of home
  • Home improvements
  • Security deposits
  • Early termination of lease agreement fee
  • Expenses related to changing of address
  • Rental of Storage Units
How do I access Foundation funds for an expenditure?

You should charge the expense to your regular University account number and submit on regular University forms. Neither AP nor Purchasing can enter a Foundation account number into our payment system. Your University account will be reimbursed by the Foundation.

Can I pay an individual for services and request reimbursement on a "Personal Reimbursement" form?

NO! ANY PAYMENT FOR SERVICES RENDERED, HONORIA, SPEAKING FEES, ETC., MUST BE PAID ACCORDING TO GUIDELINES. An Honoria policy has been established to distinguish the terms of Honoria vs Contractual Services. In all instances, appropriate paperwork must be prepared and AP or HR procedures must be followed.

Where do I get reimbursed if I lose money in a vending machine?