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Accounts Payable

TRAVEL - Frequently Asked Questions

Process Forms Required


Process: University Travel

Forms Needed:
Travel Authorization (TA) 
Expense Settlement Form
Expense Advance Request

All forms are available from our Online Forms


Who completes the Travel Authorization (TA) form?

The traveler should complete the TA and have the Budget Officer sign it.


When and where should I turn in my TA?

You should submit your TA to the AP Office, CCOA 115, as soon as your travel plans are approved.


What is a blanket TA and when is it used?

A blanket TA is completed in the same way as a TA for a specific trip. However, the dates are usually 07/01 through 06/30 for travel within a designated area (for example, in South Carolina or in North and South Carolina). Reimbursement vouchers are submitted against the Blanket TA for any travel expenses incurred while traveling in the designated area(s) during the fiscal year. A new Blanket TA must be completed each fiscal year. Employees who are required to travel within the designated area(s) often during the year normally use the blanket TA.


If I am the budget officer on an account, can I sign my own TA?

No, your supervisor must always sign your TA.


Can I pay for an airline ticket with my CCU Visa (Procurement Card)?

No. You MUST purchase any airline tickets using the Corporate Travel Card or your own personal credit card.


Do I have to use a particular travel agency?

No, but you must provide any travel agency you use with a TA number (after the TA has been submitted to AP).


Can I order an airline ticket over the Internet?

Yes, you can. However, for reimbursement, you must submit a copy of your itinerary, which also shows a credit card payment was made.


If I want AP to pay a registration fee in advance, do I have to ask them to do that?

No, if you check registration to be prepaid on the TA form and a completed registration form is attached to your TA, the AP staff will automatically mail in the form with a check. Note: If the deadline for early payment has passed, AP will pay the higher registration fee UNLESS you put a note on the form that you have contacted the conference contact person and they will accept the lower fee after the deadline. Registrations should be paid with your procurement card if accepted by the vendor.


Are travel procedures different if I'm taking a group on a trip?

The procedures are not different but sometimes it gets more complicated than an individual's travel. Group Travel that involves students are processed on one (1) TA with faculty and staff on the same TA and object code 5345 should be used. If you have any questions, please contact AP before processing the TA, it's much easier for all involved if you work things out ahead of time instead of trying to "fix" them after the fact.


Can I use my CCU Procurement Visa Card for travel?

No, you can not use the Procurement card for travel expense except for airfare and registrations; however, Corporate Travel Bank of America Master Cards are available to all employees. 


Can I get a cash advance if I have submitted a TA for a University trip?

Under extenuating circumstances, cash advances, not to exceed eighty percent (80%) of the total estimated reimbursable expenses on the Travel Authorization Form are allowed (less any prepayments such as registration fees or airline tickets). However, it is preferable for the employee to use the Corporate Travel Mastercard.


How do I get a Bank of America Corporate Travel MasterCard?

Complete an application (available from our Online Forms), return to the Accounts Payable Supervisor. However, training will need to be completed before you will receive your card.



Can I have a hotel direct bill CCU for my stay?

Yes, you should notify the AP Supervisor and ask her to send the hotel an authorization to direct bill for room and tax charges for your stay. However, the hotel must agree to direct bill us-we cannot do anything about it if they refuse to do so.


When should I submit a Expense Settlement Form?

You should submit an Expense Settlement Form as soon as you return from the trip.


Who completes the Expense Settlement Form?

The traveler completes the Expense Settlement Form.


What are meal allowances for reimbursement?

Up to $25 per day for in-state travel
Up to $32 per day for out-of-state travel
Federal per diem rates for foreign travel can be obtained from the AP office.


Will I get reimbursed for breakfast if I leave home at 8:00 AM?

To determine reimbursement for meals, the following table is used:
Departure times:
To qualify for breakfast, you must depart before 6:30 AM.
To qualify for lunch, you must depart before 11:00 AM.
To qualify for dinner, you must depart before 5:15 PM.

Return times:
To qualify for breakfast, you must return after 11:00 AM.
To qualify for lunch, you must return after 1:30 PM.
To qualify for dinner, you must return after 8:30 PM.


How does the meal allowance break down per meal?

Breakfast - $ 6.00
Lunch - $ 7.00
Dinner - $12.00

Breakfast - $ 7.00
Lunch - $ 9.00
Dinner - $16.00


Can I get reimbursed for meals if they are provided at the conference that I am attending?

No, if meals are provided at the conference, their cost is included in the registration fee and the employee cannot claim reimbursement. For the day(s) meals are provided, the appropriate amount for the meal (ex. $9.00 for lunch for out-of-state travel) must be subtracted from the allowable reimbursement for that day.


Can I get reimbursed for someone else's travel expenses if I actually paid the bills?

Yes, your name should go at the top of the Travel Reimbursement Voucher but the traveler (named on the TA) must sign the Voucher (this gives his approval for the reimbursement check to be paid to the person named at the top of the Voucher).


Do I have to break down my travel expenses day by day on the Travel Reimbursement Voucher?

Yes, this has to be done to ensure that we do not reimburse more than the daily maximum each day during your trip.


Is there a maximum daily allowance for hotels?

No, but moderately priced accommodations must be requested when a choice is available. Employees should request a state or government rate. Lodging expenses are reimbursable at the single room rate. Rates over $300 per night must be approved by the President.


For what expenses must I provide receipts?

Receipts must be provided for lodging and meals. Meal receipts are not required if claiming the per diem. Receipts must be provided for other approved expenses (taxi, bus, tolls, long distance calls, etc.) except when taxi fares do not exceed $25.00 or parking fees do not exceed $5.00. If taxi fares are greater than $25.00 or parking fees are greater than $5.00, receipts must be provided. Telephone calls for official business are allowed. Personal telephone calls are allowed if charges are kept to a reasonable amount.


What rate is used for mileage reimbursement?

The standard business mileage rate, as established by the IRS. Reimbursement for personal automobile mileage is $.04 per mile less than the standard business mileage rate per mile when electing to use your personal vehicle instead of a University-provided (rental) vehicle.


How long does it take to process an Expense Settlement Form?

AP processes all payments within 7-10 working days from receipt of form. This is assuming the TA has been completed (correctly) prior to the trip and the form is submitted timely and is correct.


Can I get reimbursed for gratuities and porterage tips?

No, tips are not reimbursable expenses for state employees. In cases where travel is to large out-of-state cities where carrying your own luggage is not an option, reasonable tips may be reimbursed. Also, if you must carry heavy, excess equipment needed to conduct official University business, reasonable tips may be reimbursed. Either of these exceptions must be documented and attached to the voucher.