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Grants/Tax Accounting

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I move Salary or Fringe that has been charged incorrectly to a Grant?

You will need to fill out the Journal Entry (JE) Request Form for Salaries/Fringes, have it signed by the Principal Investigator and given to the Grants Accounting Office for processing.


How do I hire someone on a Grant?

To hire someone on a Grant, a PAF form will need to be completed. It will need to be signed in this order: (1) Principal Investigator, (2) Dean, (3) Grants and Sponsored Research Department. Then it should be submitted to Grants Accounting for processing. The PAF form can be accessed on the Human Resources webpage.


How do I purchase supplies on a Grant?

To purchase supplies on a grant, you should follow the Purchasing guidelines for the University as outlined on the Purchasing webpage using purchase requisitions and Direct Payament Authorization form. The Principle Investigator must affirm all purchases.


How do I view current grants within the Coastal Carolina University System?

The Chart of Accounts is listed on the Financial Services webpage and is updated as needed. It lists the account number of the grant, the Principle Investigator and the short title of the grant.


How can I be reimbursed for petty cash spent on a Grant?

You must have the original receipts attached to the Expense Settlement Form (available on the Accounts Payable page). The reimbursement form must be signed by the Principle Investigator.  Expense reimbursements are submitted to Accounts Payable and are processed for a check write.


How can I determine the Start and End dates of the Grant?

The award letter you received from the Granting Agency and the memorandum agreement from the Gants and Sponsored Research office will have the Start and End dates of a specific Grant.


How do I charge travel to a Grant?

You must get a travel authorization form from Accounts Payable and fill out the correct information before you travel. It must be signed by the PI and sent to Grants Accounting for processing. To get reimbursed, you should get a travel reimbursement voucher (available on the Accounts Payable Webpage). Complete the voucher and sign before sending it to Accounts Payable for processing.

Staff Directory


Daniel Rabon

Manager, Grants and Tax Accounting
Department of Financial Services
450A Century Circle, Room 122


Grants Accountant
Department of Financial Services
450A Centure Circle, Room 122