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Employment in the Center

Student Tutors Level III

Tutors needed for (French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages)

Job Description:  Provide one-on-one tutorial services to Coastal Carolina University students in one or more foreign language.  Responsible for front desk operations, setting up appointments, answering telephone, holding workshops, attending staff meetings, and assisting FLIC coordinator in completing daily, weekly, and monthly duties as necessary.  Participation in FLIC coordinated events; some weekends and evenings.

Requirements and Qualifications: CCU student in good academic standing.  GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Demonstrated proficiency of the English language.  Student must take the foreign language placement exam in the appropriate language(s) and receive a rating of 130 or higher (native speakers exempt).  Pursuit of a foreign language major/minor is preferred but not required.  Completion of 200 level language course with a grade of B or better.  Fluency or near native fluency in French, German, Italian or Spanish desired.  Positions based upon scheduling needs and availability. 1-2 letters of recommendation from previous employer, supervisor and/or faculty member who is familiar with your work.


How to Apply                         Apply in person and/or online

                                             -when available. 

                                             Submit class schedule to:


Contact                                 Patience Locke, Coordinator

                                             Foreign Language Instructional Center 

                                             Prince 123 Coastal Carolina University

                                             Conway, SC  29528-6054