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typing foreign language accent marks

There are several ways to type foreign language accent marks, but we strongly recommend these two methods mainly due to their simplicity.

Typing Accents Using the Alt Method (works in most programs)

Make sure the "Numbers Lock" on your computer (above the number pad at the right of your keyboard) is currently active. Hold the ALT key down while you type in the three-digit number for the appropriate accent mark. You MUST use the number pad at the right of your keyboard; do not use the numbers on the top row.

â 131 ê 136 ö 148
ä 132 ë 137 ò 149
à 133 è 138 ó 162
á 160 É 144 Ö 153
Ä 142 ï 139 ü 129
Å 143 î 140 û 150
æ 145 ì 141 ù 151
Æ 146 í 161 ú 163
Ç 128 ñ 164 Ü 154
ç 135 Ñ 165 ÿ 152
é 130 ô 147 ¿ 168
ß 225 ¡ 173

Typing Accents Using the Insert/Symbol Method in MS-Word

At the top of your screen in MS-Word, click "Insert," then choose "Symbol." There are numerous fonts and symbols available. You will find it convenient to use "(normal text)" for the project at hand. Point the cursor to any letter and click once. It will show the selected character enlarged for better recognition as a safeguard to make sure you choose the correct character. Double click the selected character and it will be incorporated into your document. You can then either close the symbols box or click on the bar across the top of it and drag it out of your way until you need it again. If you keep it open, you must first position the cursor in your document and click to continue to type.

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