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The Foreign Language Requirement


The Foreign Language Requirement-beginning Spring 2014

Attention all Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students!  A placement test is not necessary!  

New freshmen and transfer students are not required to take the foreign language placement test. All students will still be required to complete a foreign language core course requirement before graduation, but they do not have to take the foreign language placement test prior to their Orientation session.

New Foreign Language Core Course Requirements!

All incoming Freshmen are required to complete their foreign language requirement with one of the following options:

  • Five credit hours in a foreign language at the 115 level.
  • Three credit hours in a foreign language at the 130 level or higher.
  • For transfer students:
    • Six credit hours of transferrable foreign language in sequence from previous institutions.
  • For International students who are non-native speakers of English:
    • An acceptable TOEFL or IELTS score, or by successful completion of ELS Centers Academic English at level 112. 

New students will be required to complete the foreign language at the 115 level; unless they have extensive previous foreign language coursework and elect to take a placement test in order to gain entry into a higher level. 

Transfer students who have not successfully transferred in six credit hours of foreign language in sequence will be required to take the foreign language at the 115 level.

Continuing students, pursuing degrees under the previous catalog years of 2010-2011 through 2013-2014, may meet this requirement by successfully completing the foreign language at the 115 level (i.e. this supplements the requirements outlined in those previous academic catalogs). 

Note:  The options listed above have unique credit hours assigned.  Students are required to complete (or transfer in) additional elective courses in order to make up for the difference in credits toward graduation. 


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