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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take the placement test?

The placement test determines the student's entry level into a foreign language course (Spanish, German and French languages only).  Students who wish to tak a French, German or Spanish course at the 130 level or higher must take the Foreign Language Placement Test that is administered online.  The placement test determines the student's entry level into a foreign language course.  The test is a placement tool only; its results cannot be used to request academic credit. 

How do I take the Italian placement tests?

We currently do not have a placement test for Italian.  Please contact the Italian instructor for placement into 130 level or higher.

I am not planning on taking a foreign language next semester.  Do you still recommend that I take the placement exam?

No.  it is not necessary to take the placement test until you are ready to complete your coursework. 

I took a placement test at another university.  May I send you their results?

We currently do not accept placement test scores from other universities. 

I forgot to print my results.  Can I retrieve them?  Should I retake the test?

You can not retrieve your placement test scores after you hit the submit button.  You may contact the Foreign Language Instructional Center Coordinator, Patience Locke @ 843-349-2478 for further instructions.   

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