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Foreign Language Requirement GENERAL INFORMATION

Coastal Carolina University 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog


Goal 5 of CCU's Core Curriculum states that students must complete three credit hours in a foreign language course at the 130 level or higher, or they must take six credit hours of a foreign language in sequence. The introductory level of all language courses is 110 followed by 120 and 130. The Department of Communication, Languages and Cultures also offers a 111 course in certain languages that incorporates the 110 and 120 curriculums together in one course. Languages offered at CCU are: French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

 In a foreign language course sequence, 110 is a prerequisite for 120, and 120 (or 111) is a prerequisite for 130. French, German, Japanese and Spanish 350 (Language Study Abroad) cannot be used to fulfill the foreign language requirement in the core curriculum. Students who successfully complete a 111 course must register for a 130 course as the next course in the sequence. 


Students who wish to start a new language (i.e. different from a language they have studied before) should register for a 110 course.

PLACEMENT IN FRENCH, GERMAN, OR SPANISH (for continuing students)

“Continuing students” refers to first-time college students who intend to continue to study the foreign language they studied in high school. The term does not apply to transfer students.  Continuing students who wish to continue with French, German, or Spanish must take the Foreign Language Placement Test that is administered online.  The placement test determines the student’s entry level into a foreign language course. The test is a placement tool only; its result cannot be used to request academic credit.