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Transfer Credit

Who do I contact to find out if my high school classes count for college credit?  I have completed a Spanish course at a technical college, will these credits transfer to CCU?
Transfer Credit


A student transferring to Coastal Carolina University from another college or university should, before enrolling in any course at the University, have transcripts evaluated by the Office of Admissions. It is only through such evaluation that a student will know which transferred courses may be applicable toward Coastal degree requirements. A Transfer Guide and Academic Plan may be obtained through the Office of Admissions. Students wishing to view courses that transfer into Coastal Carolina University may visit www.sctrac.org and enter their school information to find current equivalencies.  Students from regionally accredited colleges and universities may transfer credit for academic courses completed with grades of C (meaning C-, C or C+) or better, but the University reserves the right to determine what credit, if any, for courses taken elsewhere will be counted toward its degrees.

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