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The Foreign Language Instructional Center



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Learning Center Services for Students

FLIC Services for Students


The Foreign Language Instructional Center, or FLIC, provides resources that support and enhance class instruction provided by the Department of Communication, Languages and Cultures at Coastal Carolina University.

Tutoring Services
The FLIC offers free tutoring in all languages offered at Coastal. A great team of talented language specialists are available to help students improve their foreign language skills. To help students overcome the challenges of learning a language, these friendly tutors enhance learning by offering either individual or group sessions. Because of the high volume of students enrolled in foreign language classes, it is highly recommended that students contact the FLIC to schedule an appointment with a language specialist. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 843-349-2468.

International Media Resources
The FLIC also features a variety of multimedia resources for students to learn more about other cultures.  The FLIC also has a selection of movies and dvd's available for student viewing in the FLIC. A great selection of international films are also provided as part of the Kimbel Library Media Collection so that students can listen to a foreign language while reading the subtitles in English as an entertaining way to assist learning. To access and check out international films from the Kimbel Library Media Collection, students must present their Coastal Student ID Card. For more information about this media collection, calll 843-349-2409.

Computer  and Audio Resources
The FLIC provides multimedia computers, each with Internet access and a variety of software programs that supplement textbooks used in the foreign language classes.  Various audio and computer programs are available to help improve language skills in all languages offered at Coastal.  Students will need to see their instructor for course code information.