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Academic Affairs Policies

  1. Only items approved by the appropriate committee(s) 14 days prior to the Academic Affairs scheduled meetings will be considered as agenda items.

  2. Academic issues that do not fall into one of the five forms should be clearly stated and submitted in writing to the chair of Academic Affairs at least 14 days prior to the Academic Affairs scheduled meetings.

  3. Any CCU department or academic unit which has business before the Academic Affairs Committee must send a representative who is able to answer questions the Committee may have concerning the agenda items. If there is no representative present, the item will be removed from the agenda and taken up at the following meeting.

  4. The representative will be responsible for briefing the department chair of any revisions or changes needed. Such revisions are due 14 days after the Academic Affairs Committee meeting.

  5. Faculty involved in curriculum development and revision must (re)familiarize themselves with the current Academic Affairs timelines, guidelines, and resources at Academic Affairs Resources before completing the appropriate forms and submitting them for review.

  6. Click Here to view any submitted form (shared/unshared).

  7. Attachments - Either .pdf or .doc files only please. Please DO NOT attach .docx (which is the default file save type for Office 2007+)