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Sample Undeclared Syllabus

Coastal Carolina University

Undeclared First-Year Experience

Purpose of the Course:

The First-Year Experience is designed to be a community of learners. This seminar will enable first year students to develop creative and critical thinking skills, information literacy, and the personal and social skills needed to facilitate a successful transition from high school to university. This purpose will be attained by:

  • developing creative and critical thinking strategies which will increase the ability to implement solutions to the complex and diverse issues of a global society
  • fostering a commitment among students, faculty, staff and administration to a collaborative academic community dedicated to inquiry and productive student learning
  • identifying the resources available and the habits and skills necessary for the student to make a successful transition from a high school to a university academic, social, and work environment
  • fostering a commitment among students, faculty, staff, and administration to community service.

Academic Expectations:

To begin, we at Coastal would like to welcome you in joining our academic community. Achieving your maximum intellectual potential will require hard work, dedication, and diligence. The coastal community has been designed to assist its students in many capacities, but the primary responsibility for learning is yours.

Description of the course:

This course focuses on developing creative and critical thinking skills, information literacy skills, improving written and oral communication skills, setting personal and academic goals, developing structured and consistent study habits, practicing effective time management, and become contributing members of the Coastal community.

UNIV 110 is designed to help each student:

  • attain a basic level of expertise in critical inquiry which broadens experience and increases understanding
  • become a co-operative, yet independent, learner with a competency in information delivery systems and technology
  • understand his/her role as a contributing member and agent for change of the university community
  • Develop a comprehensive academic and career development plan leading to graduation

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Statement:
Violations of the Student Code of Conduct will not be tolerated. Any such violations will be dealt with in strict accordance to Coastal Carolina University guidelines. The student will be responsible for familiarizing himself/herself with this policy which is located in the CCU Student Handbook under the Code of Student Conduct Section.


Regular class attendance will be expected throughout the semester. If at any point a student misses over 25 percent of class meetings he/she will receive an F as their final grade. This includes both excused and unexcused absences from class. For additional information, please review class attendance policy (www.coastal.edu/policies/).

Students with Disabilities:

As a higher education institution, Coastal Carolina University wants to see each student become successful and be given equal opportunity to achieve his/ her fullest potential. Keeping this in mind, any student who needs further assistance due to a disability- physical, learning or psychological- will be provided with the means necessary to achieve his/ her goals. For further information, please contact Accessibility and Disability Services at 843-349-2341.


FYE Textbook

Big Read Book

Email Policy:

Due to the moodle component of this course, all email pertaining to this class will be sent to your official CCU email address. All email sent to your professor should be sent from your official CCU email address. You should make a habit of checking your CCU email daily for class updates and information.