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Sexual Violence

Student Health Services (SHS) is a part of the university's response to sexual violence (1). Ask our medical providers about our "free" clinical services/testing for survivors of sexual violence and a referral to campus and community resources.


(1) Sexual violence (SV) is any sexual act that is perpetrated against someone's will. SV encompasses a range of offenses, including a completed nonconsensual sex act (i.e., rape), an attempted nonconsensual sex act, abusive sexual contact (i.e., unwanted touching), and non-contact sexual abuse (e.g., threatened sexual violence, exhibitionism, verbal sexual harassment).

                                     Centers for Disease Control and  Prevention


254 University Boulevard Across the street from Baxley Hall (east side of University Blvd) click on map below

Mailing Address

Student Health Services Coastal Carolina University 251 University Boulevard Conway, South Carolina 29526

Telephone:  843-349-6543 Facsimile:    843-349-6546


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