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 Patient and Clinical Management Guidelines
(Students w/Influenza-Like Illnesses)*


Student Health Services (SHS) will screen students using approved clinical protocols (Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) Surveillance Tool). Students diagnosed with ILI will be provided the following health services:

o Medical prescriptions for Tamiflu or Relenza, when clinically indicated.


o Instructions to self-isolate in dorm room, apartment room, room in family home or designated area on campus, until fever free for 24 hours.


o Facemasks and instructions to wear at all times when out of room/designated area.
     § SHS’ Care Bags (i.e. facemask, chicken noodle soup, powerade, handsanitzer, thermometer, tissue, ibuprofen and acetaminophen)
o Instructions to advise roommates and close contacts to call SHS; medical prescriptions will be written for close contacts who meet Centers for Disease Control (CDC) criteria.

o Printout of the CDC guidance documents on home self-care and caring for others in the home with the flu, and review of coughing and hand washing etiquette;
http://www.scphoh.org/CLINIC/PDF Clin/influenza flu homecare guide.pdf
o Medical excuses from class/work/activities, until well.
o If living on campus, housing will be notified to confirm that proper cleaning mechanisms are in place, and advised to notify dining for meal delivery, as required.


*All protocol and procedures will be periodically reviewed and updated, as required.