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Health Education Endorsement

The Teacher Certification Add-On is specifically designed for those teaching in the South Carolina Schools. This program exists for teachers wishing to add a Health Certification Add-on to their existing teaching certification. Specifically, the state of South Carolina says the following:


Individuals who desire to add areas of certification to an existing certificate must complete a State Board of Education-approved program and present a passing score on the appropriate content-area examination(s) in the specific subject field, or complete the following add-on certification requirements specified by the Board.

  1. Bachelor's degree
  2. Temporary, initial or professional certificate at the early childhood, elementary, middle, secondary or pre K-12 level
  3. Minimum qualifying score(s) on the required content area examination(s) required by the State Board of Education
  4. Specialized preparation

The Department of Health Sciences has all the classes required to complete the teacher certification add-on. All classes are offered in a distance learning format. Classes offered vary by semester.

Required Courses and Semester Hours
in addition to 12 semester 3-4 hours of basic science requirements

Human Anatomy and Physiology (CCU-BIOL 232 & Lab) 4
School Health Program (CCU- HPRO 331 OR HPRO 332) 3
Emergency Preparedness and First Aid (CCU-HPRO 235) 3

Additional Courses and Semester Hours
selected from list for a total of 24 semester hours

Environmental Health (CCU-HPRO 333) 3
Foods and Nutrition Education (CCU-HPRO 404*) 3
Contemporary Health Problems (CCU-HPRO 121*) 3
Drug Education and Drug-Taking Behaviors (CCU-HPRO 340) 3
Family Living and Sex Education (CCU-HPRO 310*) 3
Mental Health (N/A) 3
Valuing and Decision Making in Health Education 3
Consumer Health Education (CCU-HPRO 347) 3
Community and Public Health Practices (N/A)  3
Chronic and Communicable Disease (CCU-HPRO 382*) 3