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Campus & Community Research Collaborative Regristration

Campus & Community Research Collaborative Registration

Thank you for your interest in our Campus & Community Research Collaborative! We look forward to your participation at our luncheon event on Friday, October 16 in the Kline Hospitality Center between 11:30 am – 1:30 pm at Brooks Stadium on the Coastal Carolina University (CCU) Campus.

The keynote presenter will be Ana Gallego, MPH, Program Director of the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina - a coalition of nearly 50 executive leaders from diverse organizations across the state working together to ensure that all people in South Carolina have the opportunity to have healthier bodies, minds, and communities while reducing the cost of care. Coastal Carolina University is a launching partner of this initiative.

In her role, Ana Gallego provides general oversight for Alliance activities and associated projects, reporting, and partnership building around the priorities of the Alliance. She also works directly with the members of the Alliance and the Board to develop and implement strategies that will lead to long-term involvement of community institutions and organizations in improving population health, experience of care and per-capita cost in South Carolina. For more about the Alliance here.

The event is a faculty-centered initiative to support community-based research by bridging access to target populations among local agencies and organizations. For our campus community, it aims to enhance student engagement opportunities via internships and service learning as well as grant funding. For our community at large, it aims to provide access to data generated by academic researchers to enrich grant narratives and student intern contributions.

According to Stephen Firsing, PhD, Department of Public Health, “… the connections that I made during your Community Research Collaborative were absolutely vital to me developing the connections and relationships that I have made at the Lt. Governor's Office on Aging and SCDHEC Division of Healthy Aging. Those connections have not only led to the implementation of the Master Training but also (and already) one major grant award and one major federal grant proposal submission.”

If you wish to speak with someone directly about this event or if you are unable to attend, please contact Amy Edmunds at or 843-349-2441. You may also visit us on Facebook.

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