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Faculty by Area of Specialization


Archaeology Dr. Carolyn Dillian (prehistoric, early hominids)
  Dr. David Palmer (historic, plantation)
Cultural Anth. Dr. Gillian Richards-Greaves (music and food of the Carribbean)


Ancient Dr. Aneilya Barnes (Rome, early Christianity, gender)

Dr. Brandon Palmer (Korea, Japan, military)

Early Modern Europe Dr. Brian Nance (Renaissance, Reformation, medicine/science)
Latin America Dr. Shari Orisich (modern, Mexico, youth delinquency)

Dr. Uri Rosenheck (modern, Brazil, memory, military)

Medieval Europe Dr. Eliza Glaze (Europe, Byzantine, medicine)
Middle East

Dr. Chris Gunn (Ottoman Empire, Turkey, military, terrorism)

Modern Europe Dr. Amanda Brian (Germany, imperialism, the body)
  Dr. Philip Whalen (France, WWI, world, wine)
U.S. Dr. Matt McDonough (military, westward expansion, pirates)

Dr. Maggi Morehouse (African American, African Diaspora, Southern Studies)


Dr. John Navin (colonial, New England, family, crime)


Mr. Bob Oliver (US surveys)

  Dr. Eldred “Wink” Prince (New South, South Carolina, business)
  Dr. Ken Townsend (Native Americans, military, peace)
World Mr. Larry Kent (world and European surveys)

Teaching Associates

  Dr. Merrill Boyce (India)
  Mr. Chris Boyle (US, local history)

Ms. Angela Dembiczak (Europe)

  Mr. Matt Hassett (US, environmental)
  Dr. Randy Hourigan (US, African American, tourism)

Ms. Nicole Isenbarger (anthropology)

  Dr. Kevin Kokomoor (US, Florida)
  Mr. Chris Powers (US)

Dr. Jack Roper (US, Southern, race and gender)

  Dr. Katie Stringer (public history)