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The History Department requires that students employ the best professional methods of research and documentation. Students should work closely with their professors and should be certain that they understand the proper research procedures for each assignment. Plagiarism, like copyright law and intellectual property law, is a subject of an ongoing intellectual and legal debate in our era of digital sampling, cuts and pastes, and filesharing. Wherever this debate might lead, it is clear that a student who submits work in a history course represents that work as his or her own. The University and the Department, therefore, treat plagiarism as a very serious offense.

Students should document all written work according to the The Chicago Manual of Style, using footnotes or endnotes (not parenthetical references). History majors should consider purchasing a recent edition of A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, or Dissertations, edited by Kate Turabian, a short version of the Manual. All students should consult the Departmental guide to the Chicago style, below, which downloads as a pdf file.

Citing Sources: A Departmental Guide to Chicago-Style Documentation