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Faculty by Area of Specialization

Faculty by Area of Specialization


     Asian History:                           Dr. Brandon Palmer (Korean/Japanese)

            Ancient Roman History:             Dr. Aneilya Barnes (Roman Religion, Society & Gender)

            Medieval European:                   Dr. Eliza Glaze (Medieval/Medicine/Crusades/Byzantine)

            Early Modern European:             Dr. Brian Nance (Renaissance/Medicine/Reformation)

            Modern Europe:                         Dr. Amanda Brian (Germany/Society/19thcentury)

                                                            Dr. Bernie Allen (England/British Empire/Colonialism)

            The Middle East:                        Dr. Marwan Hanania (Modern Middle East)

            Colonial America:                       Dr. John Navin (New England/Family/Crime/Labor)

            American South:                        Dr. Eldred ‘Wink’ Prince (S. C./Business/Agriculture)

                                                            Dr. Maggi Morehouse (African American/Immigrants)

            The American West:                   Dr. Matt McDonough (Westward Expansion, military)

            Modern America:                        Dr. Roy Talbert (20th c./Public Institutions/Public Works)

                                                            Dr. Ken Townsend (Native Americans/US West/Military)

                                                            Dr. Randy Hourigan (African American/Tourism)



                                                            Dr. Cheryl Ward (ancient shipping/trade/maritime archaeology)

                                                            Dr. Carolyn Dillian (early hominids in Africa/Native North America)

                                                            Dr. Sharon Moses (forensics/cultural anthropology/historical arch.)