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Class of 2009 Senior Theses

Name Major Advisor  
 Tobias L. Banks   Biology Karen Aguirre  
"Identification of Potentially Pathogenic Yeast Species in Seagull Guano by Molecular Techniques"
 Lauren E. Bohrer Marine Science Erin Burge  
"Fish Habitat Usage of Caribbean Coral Reefs in Discovery Bay, Jamaica"    
 Shannon L. Bogart   Psychology Joan Piroch  
"Students Perceived Parenting Styles & Their Later Romantic Attachment Style"  
 Nikki R. Brawley   Early Childhood Education Cathy Jones  
"Authentic Assessment versus Traditional Assessment:  A Comparative Study"    
 Heather Eurell Communication Gary Carson  
"Ignorance is Not Always Bliss:  Uncertainty Reduction Theory Through 'Coming of Age' Films"
 Amelia G. Hammond   Drama Monica Bell  
"Mary's Wedding"        
 Brian W. Johns   Finance Mark Mitchell  
"Steps to Success:  What We Can Learn From Big Business"      
 Michael A. Marinaccio   Political Science Jack Riley    
"The Apology of Sidney"        
 Michael P. McShane   Political Science Paul Peterson  
"Modern Sophistry:  On the 'Economization' of Education"      
 Chelsey R. Mozingo   Biology Brett Simpson  
"Contribution of Candida Albicans to the Synthesis of the Volatile Organic Compound Ethanol in Putrefied Bodies"
 Lindsay M. Stang   Marine Science Robert Young  
"The Effect of a Phytoplankton Maximum on the Trophic Food Chain of the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus) in North Inlet, South Carolina
 Katie M. Thompson   History Aneilya Barnes  
"The Obelisk:  Symbols of Roman Masculinity"      
 Steve W. Thornton   Marine Science Robert Young  
"Effects of Phytoplankton Concentration on Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus) Prey Availability"
 William A. Yagatich Sociology Sarah Braillier  
"Inking Skin for Art:  Socialization of Tattoo Collectors"