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Class of 2010 Senior Theses

NAME                                               MAJOR                                       ADVISOR

Barnes Anderson                              Marketing                                  John Marcis

"Net Metering in South Carolina      


Erin Burnette‌                                   Marine Science                          Erin Burge

"Prevalence of barnacle parasities in the mud crabs of South Carolina Estuaries"


Desiree Leach                                   Biology                                      Vladislav Guffs

"Electrocatalytic activity of modified Nafion films inserted with chemically-reduced metal nano-clusters and cationic metalloporphyrins"


Barry Long                                        Accounting                                 Meyer Drucker

"Not for Profit Organizations and the Unrelated Business Income Tax"


 Lauren Mouse                                  Accounting                                 Philip Whalen

"Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution Plans:  Only 45 years to retirement:  What a recent college graduate needs to know"


 Briana Patton                                   Health Promotion                       Sherer Royce

"The Effects of Strengthening and Rehabilitation Programs for the Collegiate Baseball Player"


 Brett Robertson                                Accounting                                 Karen Maguire

"Steps to Success:  What We Can Learn From Big Business"


 Katrina Smith                                   Marine Science                           Jane Guentzel

"Preferential fish consumption base omega-3 fatty acids and mercury concentrations for maximum health benefits"


 Amanda Stull                                    Biology                                       John Goodwin

"Blocking Peroxynitrites"


 Sherri Tomlinson                              Chemistry                                   Paul Richardson

"Bacteriophage at the Beach"


Matthew Vincent                              Marine Science                            Richard Moore   

"Growth rate of Mugil cephalus from two isolate Ponds in Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina"