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Class of 2011 Senior Theses

Name Major Advisor  
 Ryan Brown   Management & Marketing Stephen Bailey  
"Remixing Business Models:  Technology and the Future of the Modern Music Industry"  
 Kelly Cann   Resort Tourism Colleen McGlone  
"Is Random Drug Testing of School Athletes An Effective Deterrent in the Fight Against Drug Abuse?"
 Kathryn Cowles   Communication Wes Fondren  
"Communication in the Courtroom"      
 Emma Currin   Business Management Darla Domke-Damonte
"Businesses Going Green:  An Analysis of the Factors that Motivate Firms to Adopt Environmentally Friendly Practices"
 Andrea Floyd   Marketing Carol Megehee  
"How Does Color in Package Design Lead to Emotional Appeal and Consumer Behavior?"  
 Ashleigh Gaspari   Exercise and Sport Science Keira Williams  
"The Comparison of Modality on Maximal Heart Rate"      
 Justin Hartnett   Marine Science Paul Gayes  
"The Implication of Sea Level Change on Storm Surge and Inundation of the Coastline"  


 Sarah Heishman   Marine Science Michael Pierce  
"Mitochondrial DNA Inheritance in Bivalves:  A Comparative Study Involving the Unique System of Doubly Uniparental Inheritance"
 Devon Howard   Recreation & Sport Management Colleen McGlone  
"Title IX Compliance:  A Comparison of Coastal Carolina University to Other Regional Universities"
 Jessica Keller   Marine Science Eric Koepfler  
"Density and Distribution of the Long-Spine Sea Urchin, Diadema Antillarum, at Discovery Bay, Jamaica"    
 Megan Presutti    Biology Mike Roberts  
"Analysis of the Water Fluoridation Controversy"      
 Brian Quigley   Marine Science Kevin Xu    
"Numeric Modeling of Long Bay, SC"      
 Keith Richard   Psychology Joan Piroch  
"Problem Solving and Functional Fixedness:  A Comparison between Eco-Reps and non Eco-Reps"
 Colleen Scholhl   Finance Andrew Weinbach  
"OLE, OLE…OH NO?  The Economic and Social Impacts the FIFA World Cup has on its Host Countries and How South Africa, the 2010 Host, may Be Affected"
 Alyssa Sharples   Business Management & Marketing Cristina Reiser  
"The Great Recession and its Effect on Small Businesses and Unemployment Rates"  
 Katherine Sohl   Marine Science Rob Young  
"A Comparison of Fish Growth Rates in a Pristine and an Urbanized Salt Marsh Estuary"  
 Laura Walters   Biology Karen Aguirre  
"The Effect of Xylitol on the Growth of Three Normal Oral Commensal or Probiotic Bacteria"
 Melissa Martinez   Marine Science Eric Koepfler  
"Anthropogenic Impact on Meiofauna in Myrtle Beach Area Estuaries"