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Freshman Interest Groups

Freshman Interest Groups are available to students who are passionate about injecting their time as a resident with a specialized kind of involvement and direction. From university-spirited communities to a healthy lifestyle group, there is surely something for every student. Communities include:


9/11 Day of Service Good Deed FlagCoastal IMPACT Community

Located in Ingle Hall, the Coastal IMPACT Community gives students the opportunity to participate in a large variety of community service activities with the goal of making an impact on the community. You will learn what it means to be a global citizen who embraces democracy and the inherent need to fight for social justicethrough activities including:

  • Weekend service activities
  • Alternative spring break trips
  • Programs about social justice issues such as poverty, homelessness, hunger etc..


Healthy Living Community

Located in Eaglin Hall, the Healthy Living Community is for first year students who want to lead a healthy life. This community will allow for students to become engaged and knowledgeable about them as a whole person.

  • Opportunities for community Intramural Teams
  • Opportunities to meet with faculty and staff across campus that can help them achieve their healthy goals.
  • Participate in programming that will educate other students on making healthy choices as it pertains to their mind, body and soul.


Teal Traditions Community

Located in Ingle Hall, the Teal Traditions Community is a group of 40-50 students that represent Coastal Carolina’s most spirited new students! This floor, staffed with Resident Assistants who are passionate about Coastal Carolina University and among the best student leaders on campus, will be involved in numerous programs including:

  • Floor trips to Athletic Events
  • Leading the Ingle Hall Homecoming team
  • Creating programs with the Residence Hall Association
  • Taking part in many of Coastal Carolina University’s largest events (CHANT-a-thon, Relay for Life, etc.)


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