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Mailing address: Coastal Carolina University
Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity
P.O. Box 261954
Conway, SC 29528-6054
Physical Address: Prudential Building, 95 University Boulevard
Telephone: 843-349-2036
Fax: 843-347-7610
E-mail: jobs@coastal.edu (job information)
hr@coastal.edu (general information)




Lisa Bellamy Lisa Bellamy
 Administrative Assistant
 Telephone: 843-349-2134
 Email: lbellamy@coastal.edu

‌‌‌Sheila Mooney Sheila Mooney
 Customer Relations Specialist
 Telephone: 843-349-2036
 Email: sheila@coastal.edu

‌ ‌Kate Buehner Kate Buehner
  Immigration & Compliance Specialist
  Telephone: 843-349-2836
  Email: kbuehner@coastal.edu

Caroline Oakes
 Office Support
 Email: coakes@coastal.edu
Lori Cox
Employee Services Manager
Telephone: 843-349-6496
Email: lcox1@coastal.edu

BBelinda L. Popeelinda L. Pope
 Human Resources Operations
 Telephone: 843-349-2484
 Email: bpope@coastal.edu

Paula Gorrera
 Data Entry Assistant
 Telephone: 843-349-2854
 Email: pgorrera@coastal.edu

‌‌ ‌Tim RopposchTim Ropposch
 Benefits Specialist
 Telephone: 843-349-4129
 Email: tropposc@coastal.edu

Alice HardwickAlice Hardwick
Records Specialist
Telephone: 843-349-2526
Email: ahardwic@coastal.edu

Kimberly Sherfesee‌  Kimberly Sherfesee
  Director of Human Resources
  Telephone: 843-349-2138
  Email: ksherf@coastal.edu


Carolyn Hickman-Williams Carolyn Hickman-Williams
 Employment Coordinator
 Telephone: 843-349-2358
 Email: cwilliam@coastal.edu
Jeniffer Silver Jeniffer Silver
 Employment Manager
 Telephone: 843-349-2139
 Email: jasilver@coastal.edu

Tiffany Brown  Tiffany Kovacs
  Classification and Compensation Specialist
  Telephone: 843-349-2128
  Email: tnbrown@coastal.edu

WenWendy Singletondy Singleton
Data Coordinator
Telephone: 843-349-2018
Email: wsinglet@coastal.edu
Marvin Marozas Marvin Marozas
IT Training Coordinator
  Telephone: 843-349-2077
  Email: marvin@coastal.edu
Scott D. StillerScott D. Stiller
Employment Coordinator
Telephone: 843-349-2537
Email: sstiller@coastal.edu