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Graphic Design

Graphic Design..Our graphic design students are thinkers, seekers, problem-solvers, and makers. We emphasize the ability to research, think and create using the technology and tools of the field and the principles and styles of visual communication as a whole. Students study typography, print design, advertising, graphic design history, and web design while choosing from electives that include illustration, motion graphics for the web, 3-D computer modeling, packaging, publications and more. 

What You'll Study

Coastal Carolina University's graphic design program exposes students to the various techniques, processes and experiences needed to become professional graphic designers.  The graphic design area includes study in print design, web design, design history, corporate identity and advertising, with additional coursework available in illustration, packaging and photography. 

Experiences Beyond the Classroom
  • Graphic design internships are available with local and regional businesses and agencies. 
  • Students are professionally supervised and receive practical experience while building their portfolios.
  • Coastal Carolina University's chapter of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Artists) offers students lectures, national and international networking for jobs, contests and much more.
  • Study abroad programs are offered each summer to destinations such as Italy, France, England, Greece, China and Thailand.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the production of award-winning magazines: Tapestry (alumni), Archarios (literary/arts), Tempo (style/features). Art director/designer positions carry stipends.
  • The Pre-Professional Studio (ARTS 440/ARTD 440) offers hands-on, real world experience in the production of professional quality posters, magazines, websites and more. 

The Graphic Design program has a combined Macintosh lab/traditional studio space equipped with 20+ iMacs, black and white and color laser printers, a color projector for viewing digital work and lecturing, and 20 drafting tables. A second Mac lab has 15 iMacs and a projector. All labs are stocked with the full suite of Adobe software.

The Graphic Design studios, one a combined computer and desk studio and one a computer lab which is shared with Photography, are equipped with 21 2008 model iMac computer workstations, all of which run the latest Adobe Creative Suite Premium software (including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Acrobat). All computers have access to the internet and art student server storage space through an Apple Airport wireless network, which students who bring in personal laptop computers may also access.

There is an installed overhead projector and five scanners, including one that can scan source material up to 11 x 17. There are five printers: one HP large format color plotter (up to 36 wide and 9 long), one 2400 dpi Xerox color printer (up to 11 x 17), one black-and-white HP laser printer (up to 11 x 17), and two 8.5 x11 HP black-and-white-printers. We also offer, in the same dedicated studio/lab workspace, 20 drafting desks, two large dry-erase boards, a light table, and a full wall bulletin board for critiques. There is a flat file for storing student work, as well as shelving and cabinets.