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Discuss everything: film, love, God, laws, mindfulness, and why we do what we do. Understand how theories developed. Explore the underpinnings of ancient religions. Establish the ethical boundaries for your life and work. Prepare yourself for a variety of careers, including education, law, public policy and business.

The Student Experience
  • The study of philosophy provides good preparation for jobs that demand careful reading, critical thinking, intelligent decision making and sound judgment.
  • The philosophical skills of carefully reading a bit of text and making a case for a particular interpretation is very much like the lawyer or judge's job in handling the law.  It is, therefore, no surprise that many philosophy majors are pre-law students.  Traditionally, philosophy majors are among the top performers on the Law School Aptitude Test.
  • The philosophy department at Coastal Carolina University offers small and engaging classes and provides excellent advising and support for each individual student.
Beyond the Classroom

Many philosophy majors plan to go to law school after graduation. The intellectual rigors of philosophy also serve pre-medical students quite well. Through their reading, writing and questioning, philosophy majors develop skills that serve them well as journalists and writers. Philosophy majors often put their intellectual skills to work in executive/management sectors of business either via corporate management trainee progams or business school. Philosophy majors also pursue graduate study. Usually, they study philosophy in graduate school, but other areas such as cognitive science, English, history and philosophy of science, and psychology are possibilities.



Areas of study include:

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking
  • Contemporary Moral Issues
  • Bio-Medical Ethics
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Introduction to East Asian Religions
  • Introduction to Buddhism

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offers small and engaging classes, and provides excellent advising and support for each individual student. On this web-page you will find information about available courses, about faculty members and current students, together with a sampling of the successes some of our former students have had.


Dennis Earl
Department Chair, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Edwards 275

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