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The Ceramics program has a large dedicated studio space that includes many work surfaces, six motorized wheels and four traditional wheels for "throwing" pots, three kilns, a glaze room, and plenty of storage/drying shelves.

The ceramics facility features three distinct work spaces within the Humanities and Fine Arts building, and a separate storage facility located in the art wing courtyard. The kiln room is stocked with three electric kilns (Cress B27H, Cress FX 27P, and Skutt with computerized KilnMaster Controls), Enviro vents, a compressor, a grinder, a ventilating/exhaust fan (inbuilt), and a pyrometer. It also contains several rolling carts for storage and transport, and sundry wooden work tables. The glaze room has an Alpine spray booth with an external exhaust system and an internal compressor system with spray bottle hookup.

This space also has storage and work tables, shelving, and a double sink. The ceramics studio space contains four kick wheels, two Pacifica GT 400 electric wheels, one Pacifica CT400 personal electric wheel, one new Bailey electric wheel with work shelf, one new Shimp VL whisper electric wheel, one Shimpo RK-2 electric wheel, one Brent Slab Roller with attached extruder system, one Northstar Slab Roller, two Giffin Grips, and an eye wash station.