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Jeff Case

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design
843-349-6555, EHFA, 265
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Jeff Case

MFA Visual Communication
University of Arizona


"A great thing about art is that I don't have to limit myself to just one method or medium. It doesn't matter if I'm creating a new media piece or oil painting landscapes, trying new things and becoming a well-rounded practicing artist is important to me."


Jeff is best known professionally for his work creating web sites and interactive multi-media, but his versatility extends beyond his technical work. His formal training is rooted in the fine arts. Jeff obtained an MFA in Visual Communication from the University of Arizona. In his personal artistic explorations, Jeff can often be found working with his hands--illustrating, painting, printmaking, book-making, sculpting, etc. He has a passion for exploring new media and then teaching what he learns.

As a professional, Jeff has successfully run his own graphic design freelance business, worked as a web designer at a leading advertising agency in the tourism industry, and was a flash animator creating tutorials for popular software. He also managed projects for the Triestman Center for New Media, a digital arts research and development lab, which specializes in cutting edge technology such as Rapid Prototyping, 3D scanning, and Virtual Reality.

Before joining the faculty at Coastal Carolina University, Jeff taught courses at Lyndon State College in Vermont, Southern Utah University and the University of Arizona.