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Treelee MacAnn

Professor, Printmaking
843-349-2703, EHFA 130
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Treelee MacAnn

MFA Printmaking
Bowling Green State University


"My forte in printmaking has been screenprinting. I love the dense and colorful surfaces I can create through layering."


Treelee MacAnn's work has won many awards and has been featured in more than 70-juried international and national exhibitions, as well as numerous regional and selected exhibits.

A native of Rochester, New York, she grew up exposed to art in an environment with a rich tradition in the graphic arts and photography. While attending SUNY Oswego, she studied with the nationally known printmaker, Thomas Seawell. It was there she discovered that printmaking was her medium of choice. The discipline offered a variety of interesting processes and combined aspects of painting, drawing, and photography. As a medium that produces multiples, printmaking is considered one of the most democratic processes; it offers the artist the ability to convey ideas to a larger audience, and this too was most appealing.

Her work can be divided into two primary areas of interest, the human form and the landscape. The figurative works are more personal and narrative, while the landscapes offer the opportunity to explore more universal and formal concerns of light, color, space, and a sense of place. For her, a work of art invites exploration and causes one to see something new each time it is viewed.