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Daniel Hasty
Assistant Professor

Department(s): English
Degree: Ph.D. Linguistics, Michigan State University; M.A. English, Auburn University; B.A. English, Tennessee Technological University
Area of Study: Linguistics
Office: EHFA 208
Phone: 843-349-6685
J. Daniel Hasty is an Assistant Professor of Linguistics, joining the English Department at Coastal Carolina University in 2012. Daniel is a sociolinguist specializing in syntactic variation with a focus on Southern United States English.

He studies language variation, especially morphosyntactic variation in Southern English, through a blend of quantitative sociolinguistic and syntactic field methods. His theoretical analysis of the structure of the double modal construction of Southern English has been published in Lingua, and a discussion of microparametric variation in Southern English is to appear in Raffaella Zanuttini and Larry Horn's volume on Micro-parametric Variation in North America. Daniel’s quantitative sociolinguistic analyses of double modal acceptance and usage in Northeast Tennessee as well as in the Verilogue, Inc. corpus of doctor-patient consultations have been published in two articles in the University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics.

Additionally, Daniel studies language attitudes in the South. Because of this, he is interested in Southern identity construction, issues associated with the Standard Language Ideology, and representations of Southern English and Culture in literature and popular culture. His studies of language attitudes in the South have appeared in Tributaries, Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association as well as the forthcoming collection Speaking of Alabama: Language History, Diversity and Change to be published by the University of Alabama Press.
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Daniel Hasty
Assistant Professor - English
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