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Policy Analysis Initiative

Citizens are bombarded with political information on a daily basis.  And policymakers must sort through piles of data and statistics to understand the impact of public policies on individuals and communities.  Democracy demands that citizens have the knowledge necessary to hold policymakers accountable for their decisions.  As governments and citizens face a myriad of complex economic, social, environmental, and political problems, it is crucial that leaders and the citizens they seek to serve have both a deep understanding of important policy issues and the ability to communicate with one another about policy preferences and democratic needs.  

The Policy Analysis Initiative of the Dyer Institute was created to meet this need by introducing students to the practice and purpose of public service and fostering collaboration with the citizens across the community, state, and region.  Students, faculty, and community members will work together to address community concerns through research.  Through the classes and projects of the policy analysis initiative, students will examine and analyze policy processes and problems to produce quality, non-partisan policy briefs and reports for community members and policymakers.  These policy briefs will inform citizens and leaders alike about the current state of select policy issues.   

The goal of the policy analysis initiative is to produce clearly written, non-partisan briefs free from academic or technical jargon that all citizens and policymakers can use to chart a way forward on pressing policy concerns.  The public can access reports on this site, and as the Dyer Institute grows, journalists and public officials will be able to request research and analysis on specific issues in order to better inform public policymaking.  


Policy Briefs