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Polling Center

The Institute for Leadership and Public Policy will house the ILPP Polling Center which will serve as an interactive and experiential learning center for students. Students working with the polling center will be involved in a diverse range of activities. 

The focus of the polling center will be to teach students how to properly write and construct polls and surveys. The topics of these polls and surveys will be focused on South Carolina government, politics in the South, and other policy-related matters. Students will also actively be involved in survey pre-testing. They will implement focus groups, cognitive interviews and deliberate polls.  Our students will receive training and practical experience in interviewing the public over the phone.

Along with creating and implementing surveys and polls, our students will gain experience in analyzing poll and survey results. They will learn to write policy briefs and reports as well as learn to properly collect and code data for analyses. The end result of this work will culminate with the students creating a body of work that may be presented to both the university and the public alike.