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Tea & Ethics Series

The Tea & Ethics event series is the flagship of The Jackson Family Center for Ethics & Values.  Usually held twice a semester, Tea & Ethics presents specific and interesting issues within the philosophical school of ethics.  Prior to the actual presentation, and after the presentation as well, attendees are encouraged to enjoy complimentary tea, snacks and lively discussion.  The presentation format varies widely, from a single speaker to panel style, and the Center has also hosted guest presentors for some events.

Check on the current schedule for dates, times and locations for upcoming Tea & Ethics events.

Below is a list of past Tea & Ethics, which will eventually link to blurbs, the original flyer for the event, and linked video of the presentation (if we have it).  Please check back for more updates!


11/11/2004         Ethical Isssues at the Beginning of Life

1/20/2005            Local Concerns in Environmental Ethics

3/3/2005              Ethical Issues in Technology

4/21/2005            Sports Ethics: Can Ethical Behavior Win?


9/22/2005            Medicine and Ethics at the End of Life

11/10/2005          The Ethics of War           

1/26/2006            Business Ethics: Is the Wal-mart Model Right for America?

3/30/2006            Cheating: A Cultural Norm?


9/14/2006            Is "Doin What Comes Naturally" Ethical?            

11/9/2006            Cut Down the Pine Forest and Build a Mall: What's the Problem?

1/18/2007            Pandemic Ethics: Is Providing Healthcare an Obligation               

3/22/2007            The Global Challenges and the Local Consequences of Immigration


9/18/2007            Am I to Blame? Ethics of War in the Middle East              

10/24/2007         "I Do" or "I Don't": Feminism, Marriage and the Modern Family             

1/29/2008            Is it Unethical to Give to Charity?


9/17/2008            Virtue Ethics & Sexuality            

10/21/2008          If Trees & Polar Bears Could Talk

1/29/2009            Sex, Lies & Hypocrisy: Ethics of Censorship in Art

3/3/2009              Gazing on the Face of the "Other": Ethics of Compassion in the Global Village


9/17/2009            Harvest Time in the O.R.: Ethics of Organ Donation

10/22/2009          Ethics of Intellectual Property in a Wired World              

1/29/2010            Is Your Face in My Space?: Ethics of Digitization              

3/4/2010              Empty Water: Ethics of Marine Conservation


9/22/2010            What Do We Owe the Global Poor?      

10/26/2010          The Ethics of Citizenship Education

2/15/2011            New Racism in the Old South

3/9/2011              Transcended Earth: Ethics and Eco Art


9/1/2011              The Ethics of Disaster

9/15/2011            The Ethics of Belief

10/20/2011          Moral Basis of Capitalism

2/16/2012            Ethics of Grading            

4/19/2012            Team Ethics