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The Jackson Scholar Program

One of the four cornerstones of The Jackson Family Center for Ethics & Values (the Center), the Jackson Scholar program is a unique opportunity for students at Coastal Carolina University (Coastal).  The program seeks students who display leadership potential and prepares them to be moral exemplars of their community through an intensive and varied two-year curriculum of instruction, reading and discussion, problem solving and mentoring.  While open to students from all backgrounds and fields of study, the program does focus heavily on the humanities, specifically philosophy. 

The responsibilities associated with the position are as varied as the curriculum.  In addition to the scholastic requirements, Jackson Scholars serve as Center representatives at sponsored and co-sponsored events both on and off-campus.  Scholars will be expected to come to weekly meetings with the Director and Assistant Director, as well as various other planning meetings throughout each semester.

Each spring semester, the Scholars serve as counselors for the After School Ethics Academy.  For seven weeks, local sixth graders come to campus to learn about what ethics are, and how we ought to live our lives.  Scholars are heavily involved in the planning for the Academy, and function as both counselors and mentors to the visiting students.

If you are interested in becoming a Jackson Scholar, your first step is to read the manual (coming soon!).  Feel free to come to the office, located in the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts room 273, if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the program.  After reading the manual, check out the application page to begin the application process.