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Former Visiting Ethicists

Former Visiting Ethicists

2012 Visiting Ethicist

Dr. Kevin Elliott

University of South Carolina

Kevin Elliott, an associate professor of philosophy at the University of South Carolina, presents on the moral and financial conflicts of interest in scientific research, such as the funding by pharmaceutical and chemical companies of research to evaluate their own products, including safety testing of new drugs and pesticides.

Here is a link to the video of Dr. Elliott's lecture


Peter French

2011 Visiting Ethicist

Dr. Peggy McIntosh      

Wellesley Centers for Women                     

McIntosh, known for her engaging description of how she came to realize that she had white-skin privilege, discusses why the benefit is not a matter for blame, shame or guilt. She also discusses the many forms of unearned advantage and disadvantage that members of society possess through no action of their own. McIntosh raises the ethical question of whether or not to use the power of that privilege to weaken systems of unearned privilege.  
Peter French

2010 Visiting Ethicist

Dr. Peter French

Arizona State University

French, professor of philosophy and director of the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics at Arizona State University, explores the ethical aspects of interrogational torture and its use by American agents in recent years. The primary focus of the discussion is the impact of interrogational torture on the will and personhood of the tortured. French also considers the moral ramifications of interrogational torture and whether there is a moral defense for it.  
Eric Parens

2009 Visiting Ethicist

Dr. Erik Parens

The Hastings Center

As a senior research scholar at the prestigious Hastings Center, a nonpartisan bioethics research institute based in New York, Parens is currently investigating how the use of new technologies in changing society and how emerging science shapes self-understanding. His discussion delves into the controversial debate over reshaping the body and mind through biotechnologies.  
Robert Audi

 2008 Visiting Ethicist

Dr. Robert Audi


Joanne Ciulla

 2007 Visiting Ethicist

Dr. Joanne Ciulla

Tom Regan

 2006 Visiting Ethicist

Dr. Tom Reagan

Rushworth Kiddle

 2005 Visitng Ethicist

Dr. Rushworth Kidder