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Admission Requirements

Students admitted to the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program are required to hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution in this country or its equivalent at a foreign institution based on a four-year degree. In addition, applicants must submit the following:

  1. Undergraduate transcripts reflecting a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (overall) on a 4.0 scale, OR (if the GPA is not sufficient), a Graduate Record Exam report showing a minimum score of 300 with no less than 150 in the verbal reasoning section of the exam. (A 150 in verbal reasoning is equal to 450 on the prior scale for the GRE.)
  2. Three letters of recommendation.
  3. A two-part writing sample, in which the candidate will demonstrate the ability to take on graduate work by showcasing a variety of writing skills:
    • A description, in the form of a personal narrative, of the applicant's intellectual and professional development and the role the M.A. In Liberal Studies will play in his/her continued growth as a student, citizen, and/or employee;
    • A research paper or project, in which the applicant shows the ability to form and support a thesis in the field of humanities by locating, summarizing, synthesizing, and documenting information from scholarly resources.

These writing samples should total together no less than ten pages double-spaced, not counting bibliography. The research component may be something the applicant has written for a previous class, but should be submitted without an instructor's markings.


The final deadline for admission to the program for the Fall 2015 semester is July 1, 2015. Students should submit their applications by May 1, 2015 for priority course registration and primary consideration for graduate assistantships.


All applications must first be processed by the Office of Graduate Studies before they can be reviewed by the Graduate Committee in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. Applications should be completed online and then printed, signed, and delivered to the Office of Graduate Studies with a $45 nonrefundable fee. In addition to a completed application, applicants must also submit transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended, along with three letters of recommendation (to be mailed separately by recommenders). 

Completed applications will be reviewed by the Graduate Admissions Committee. Before meeting to discuss the candidates, committee members will evaluate the essay components, rating the applicant’s research and writing skills according to a common rubric. In rare cases, the committee may waive the second requirement (GPA or GRE score) if the quality of an applicant’s writing and the strength of the letters of recommendation reveal the candidate to be uniquely qualified for graduate study. 

Click here for an application and complete instructions. 

Click here for information about Graduate Assistantships.