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Intramural Sports
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Player Handbook

IM Sports Player Handbook

How do I play?

  1. Check registration period datesdays of play for sport/activity in which you want to participate.
  2. Form your own team with your roommates, dorm hall, people in your major/classes, student organization, friends, Free Agents, etc.
  3. Select a captain or manager to view the online captain's video for each semester of sports. During this presentation, the captain/manager receives all important information, registration and payment information and rules for the sports of that semester. Prior to completing registration for a team, the captain must score 100% on a quiz (all answers are contained in the aforementioned video).
  4. Register your team in the days leading up to the captain's meetings and prior to the deadline. This information is readily available around campus, in the Rec Center or on this website.
  5. All team registration occurs online. Additionally, teams are strongly encouraged to pay online as well via, our intramural sports scheduling site. A $20 team entry fee must be paid with every team entered. If you choose not to pay online, we can accept Cash, Check, Visa/MasterCard and CINO Cash at theRecreation Center. When registering online, take note of difficulty of play AND a fit for your teammates' schedule and choose an appropriate division. Teams play each week at the same time.
      • Pro League-Elite intramural competition. Typically, these teams have multiple high-school varsity athletes and tend to be more organized and intense.
      • Rookie League-The majority of intramural teams fall into this category. While still competitive, not as much as Pro League, but many players have experience playing varsity sports in high school.
      • Co-Ed-equal numbers of men and women playing together on the same team.
      • Women-Teams with only women can play on a team. Women can also choose to play Pro andRookie but not also in the Women's League in the same sport.
      • Greek-Teams must use the name of their national organization; no nicknames or abbreviations of the full name. For example, Alpha Beta Gamma could not be ABG or Gammas. However, a second team entered in the Greek league could be Gamma Pledges or Gamma B Team.

Captain's Meeting & Quiz

No longer are captain's meetings held before sport registration periods and prior to the first game in all team sports to review rules, explain scheduleing, give additional information, and answer questions about upcoming programs. However, the program now uses an online captain's meeting that is narrated and provides all the information above and helps teams pass the quiz needed to register a team. Each team is REQUIRED to have its representative (captain) register their teams utilizing this website.


All events are publicized via the Department of Campus Recreation. All information pertaining to Intramural Sport programs will be posted on the Intramural Sports bulletin boards located near the Campus Recreation Center Front Desk as well as E-Boards across most campus buildings. The campus newspaper, The ChanticleerFacebook,Twitter, and this website are used as much as possible for upcoming events, results and announcements. Flyers are also posted in the residence halls and academic buildings prior to the entry deadline.


Team Entries are accepted anytime during the registration period. No late entries are accepted unless there are unfilled divisions. After play in a division begins, the teams and schedule are set. It is very important to choose a day/time that works for your teammates for this very reason.

  1. Team rosters can be submitted online when registering. However, we use a database from the Registrar that contains only currently enrolled students. If you or a teammate is "ineligible", they will not be permitted to register online or be placed on a roster until the eligibility issue is cleared with our office.
  2. Entries for each sport shall close at the end of the registration period on the entry due date.

Fees, Forfeits, Players & Defaults

Intramural Sports charges a $20 team entry fee per team registered. We now accept online payment (Visa/MasterCard/American Express, Discover, Bank Account) with cash, check, Visa/MasterCard and CINO Cash being acceptable forms of payment at the Rec Center should you pay offline. Payments must be received before the registration deadline. If a team does not pay prior to the team registration deadline

When a team forfeits (i.e. does not have enough players to start the game or receives three [3] behavior-related penalties in a game), a forfeit is declared. Please see below about what forfeits will mean to your team.

None of the above fees are refundable or able to be carried over.

A team will forfeit (F) a contest when:

  • The team leaves the playing area before the contest is completed.
  • The team is found to be using an ineligible player (see below).
  • Team team does not have enough players to field a team.
  • The team is not ready to play. A ten-minute grace period begins at game time, however, the game clock begins (if applicable). 
    The first 5 minutes are "free", after that, the below penalties apply. Please see the chart below for your sport:
    Sport Flag 
    Soccer 3v3 Hoops Indoor 
    Basketball Softball Indoor 
    Penalty 2 pts/min 1 goal / 
    2 min
    2 pts/min 1 pt/min 2 pts/min 1 run/min 1 goal/min 1 pt/min

When a team has two (2) Forfeits in one sport season, they will be removed from league play and the playoffs. To start a game, you must have the minimum number outlined in each sport's rules

    • Fall: Flag Football (5), Soccer (5), Indoor Volleyball (4), 3 on 3 Hoops (2)
    • Spring: Basketball (4), Softball (8), Sand Volleyball (2), Indoor Soccer (4)


  1. There shall be no protests allowed on judgement calls. The only "protestable" rulings are program policy, misinterpreted rules, player eligibility and the score.
  2. All protests must be made by the team captain verbally to the IM Sports Supervisor during the contest before the next play occurs. For instance, in flag football, if there is a penalty yardage that is 5 yards, but the referee rules it a 10-yard penalty, the captain must protest prior to the next snap. Make sure the IM Sports Supervisor documents your protest in detail and the clock, if any, stops.
  3. If the IM Sports Supervisor does not hear the protest or know the answer, the team captain must then submit a written or emailed statement and reason for protest to the IM Sports Office during the next business day after the completion of the contest. NO protests of any matter will be considered after this time period has expired.
  4. Any team playing with an ineligible person loses all rights to protest a game on any basis. Proof of such violation must be presented before the case can be settled.
  5. Failure to follow the above provisions to the letter will invalidate the protest.


  1. All participants are required to bring a valid Coastal Carolina University identification card to every intramural game or event. In addition, the participant must have his/her CCU ID#. If you do not know your CCU ID#, it can be found here.
  2. All current students (one credit hour or more), faculty and staff are eligible for participation in the Intramural Sports program.
  3. Individuals who are on a varsity roster at the time of registration are ineligible to participate in particular related sport(s) as determined by the Intramural Sports Coordinator. For example, a current varsity football player would not be eligible for Intramural Flag Football. However, a former football player completing his studies in a fifth-year would be eligible.
  4. An individual who is on the roster of a varsity sport and who is no longer a member of that team will be ineligible to participate in the particular sport until they are at least one season removed from said sport.
  5. Only one ex-varsity athletes may participate on the same team in a related sport. Ex-varsity is considered an intercollegiate athlete within the last five years.
    Intramural Sport Varsity Sport Club Sport Players Varsity Players Allowed
    Flag Football Football n/a 1
    Soccer Soccer 2 1
    Indoor Volleyball Volleyball 2 1
    3v3 Hoops Basketball n/a 1
    Basketball Basketball n/a 1
    Softball Baseball/Softball 3 1
    Indoor Soccer Soccer 1 1
    Sand Volleyball Volleyball 1 1
  6. Anyone who has played a sport at any professional level, is ineligible to participate in that sport and all related sports.
  7. Individuals may play for only one men's or women's team AND one Co-Rec team for each sport. Once a player has actually played for one team, he/she may not play for any other team during that sport season.
  8. Men must play in the men's leagues (Pro, Rookie, Fraternity Leagues), but women can play in women's (Open or Sorority) or men's leagues.
  9. The use of an assumed name or CCU ID# in any manner in the Intramural program shall constitute a violation of the rules. The person is suspended and the team receives a forfeit.
  10. Members of Club Sport teams ARE eligible for participation in their sport and related sports but are subject to the above restrictions per team.
  11. Individuals must play in at least one game before they are eligible for playoffs.
  12. Any individual ruled ineligible by the Intramural Sports Director, for whatever reason, will remain ineligible unless otherwise determined by the Intramural Director.
  13. The use of alcohol and drugs by spectators and /or participants is prohibited.


  1. Members of winning teams or individuals receive Championship T-shirts.
  2. In certain sports, teams are eligible to represent Coastal Carolina University at extramural tournaments around the state and region.
  3. Upon request and budgetary restrictions, teams can request a trophy.


Participation in the Intramural Sports program is voluntary. Coastal Carolina UniversityCampus Recreation and the Intramural Sports program are not liable for injuries suffered by participants. Therefore, all participants are advised to have proper medical coverage before participating. If you are injured during an intramural contest, the supervisor will give any assistance possible. If further assistance is needed, the supervisor will summon CCU Public Safety. The injured party assumes liability for any transportation and/or charges.

Team Names

When registering for intramural team names, please use common sense and decency when given the choice of team names. Intramural Sports will screen all team names and disallow names which:

  1. Include alcohol or drugs in the name or refer to being under the influence, etc.
  2. Are sexual in nature.
  3. Are demeaning or derrogatory toward a group of people.  Race, sex, sexual preference, weight, nationality, etc.
  4. Are demeaning to members of our campus community such as the President.
  5. Cause confusion with common terms in intramural sports or computer language such as "Bye", "error 404".
  6. Include profanity or slang terms that are used for body parts, etc.
  7. Include abbreviations that are for unacceptable words.  (We ask what it stands for and if they won't tell us, they can't use it.)

Fraternities and Sororities also need to use their "proper" name. For instance, Alpha Beta Gamma should not be shortened to Alpha Gam.

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