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Graduation Application

Graduation information for academic advisers, department chairs and deans

Graduation applications are moving from regular paper applications to an online workflow where documents can be tracked throughout the entire graduation application process. Please note that 17/SP graduation applications should be submitted using this new online process.

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Online Graduation Application Manual Faculty & Staff

Video Tutorials

View a Training Video on How to Log into the Perceptive Software

View a Training Video on an Introduction to the Graduation Application Workflow

View a Training Video on How to Upload a Program Evaluation into Perceptive Software

Interactive Trainings

Trainings will be offered to demonstrate the new process that students will complete in order to apply for graduation. We will spend the majority of the time demonstrating the new software (Perceptive) and how it relates to advisers, department chairs, and deans. Any faculty or staff that handles graduation applications are welcome to come.

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Student Resources

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