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Transfer Students and Core Curriculum

Use the Program (Academic) Evaluation form in WebAdvisor to review progress towards completing the Core Curriculum.

Students may have taken courses at other institutions that satisfy the Core Curriculum. These courses may not transfer in as core courses.  Transfers may works with their advisors to submit a “Petition for Exception to Core Curriculum” to ask for credit for previously completed courses.

Does My Transfer Course Work for Core? answers basic questions about the types of courses that can be petitioned.

Does My Transfer Course Work for Core? is an overview of the process.

Petition Process for Transfers is an overview of the process.

Worksheet for Transfers lets you identify courses that are candidates for the petition process.  

Transfer Students currently receive credit for the following:

  • Core Goal 1A (English): Transfer students may satisfy Part A with 6-8 hours of transferable credit for English 101 and English 102.
  • Core Goal 5A (Languages) : Transfer students may satisfy Part A with six credit hours of transferable foreign language in sequence from previous institutions or with three credit hours at the 130 level or above.

Another option is to work with your Advisor to complete a "Transfer Credit Evaluation Adjustment" form. This is most appropriate when a course comes in as an XXX course, but you and your advisor feel it should have come in as a CCU course.

Transfer Students with an Earned A.A., A.S., B.A., or B.S Degree, or International B.S. or B.A., or International Master's Degree (with 150 hours)

A student will be exempt from having to meet core curriculum requirements if the student is accepted to the University with an earned Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Baccalaureate of Arts, or Baccalaureate of Science degree from a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S., with a baccalaureate degree from an accredited international institution of higher education, or with a master's degree (that requires at least 150 equivalent U.S. credit hours to complete) form an accredited international institution of higher education.  Undergraduate Catalog.

Director of the Core Curriculum
Margaret Fain
Reference and Instruction Librarian
Kimbel Library Room 106
Coastal Carolina University