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Planning Committees, Chairs & Members

Steering Committee
Director: Charmaine Tomczyk, undergraduate research
Honorary Co-Chairs: Joan Piroch , psychology faculty
                     Sara Sanders , English faculty
Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs:
Jacquelyn Andrews, registrar's office
Kelli Barker, OLLI lifelong learning
Mary Emery, English faculty
Sandy Hatcher, facilities
Maggie Ivanova, English faculty
Geoff Parsons, international programs
Francis Richmond, university academic center
Scott Pleasant, English faculty
Steve Sheel, computer science faculty
Yoav Wachsman, economics faculty
Thomas Squire, communications student

College Liaisons Committee
Co-Chairs: Maggie Ivanova, English faculty
                    Cynthia Port, English faculty
Amanda Brian, history faculty
Crystal Edge, computer science faculty
Fang Ju Lin, biology faculty
Mark Mitchell, marketing faculty
Carol Osborne, English faculty
Donald Rockey, recreation and sports management faculty
Deborah Perkins,  psychology faculty
Maria Luisa Torres, foreign languages faculty
Yoav Wachsman, economics faculty
Kehui Xu, marine science faculty

Conference Communications Committee
Chair: Steve Sheel, computer science faculty
Nikki Brown, UGR student assistant
Debbie Conner, university relations
Daryl Fazio, visual arts faculty
Kristenna Hylton, communications intern
Sandy Mishoe, computer science
Mona Prufer, marketing communications
Pat Taylor, Celebration of Inquiry, staff
Lisa Tyree, graphic arts intern

Logistics Committee
Co-Chairs: Kelli Barker, OLLI lifelong learning
                    Sandy Hatcher, facilities
Penny Bell, management, marketing, law
Jan Blakey, psychology and sociology
Jean Ann Butler, College of Education
Lynne Brock, College of Education
Denise Davis, public safety
Bertha Fladger, multicultural student services
Dennis French, information technology services
Judy Hawkins, conference services
Buddy Hendrick, facilities planning & management
David Parker, media services
Penny Oakley, residence life
Bonnie Senser, politics and geography
Tyrone Smith, facilities

Receptions Committee
Chair: Geoff Parsons, international programs
Terri Brothers, food services, ARAMARK
Debbie Connor, university relations
Shawn Sease, special events, food services, ARAMARK
Jill Sessions, English faculty

Scheduling Committee
Co-Chairs: Jacquelyn Andrews, registrar's office
                    Francis Richmond, university academic center
Rosa Barra, College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Jan Barringer, conference services
Nikki Brown, Celebration of Inquiry, student assistant
JoAnne Flanders, foreign language faculty
Sheila Lercara, College of Business
Michelle Markin, College of Natural and Applied Sciences
Donna Rogers, information technology services
Pat Taylor, Celebration of Inquiry

Student & Alumni Involvement Committee
Chair: Pat Singleton-Young, multicultural student services
Eugene Bellamy, leadership challenge
Jean Ann Brakefield, alumni relations
Tom Cocke, student government association
Michael Collins, resort tourism management faculty
JoAnne Flanders, foreign languages faculty
Ben Leonhardt,  student government association
Penny Oakley, residence life
Melissa Paschuck, academic advising
Victoria Pirher, athletic academic advising
Brandon Proffitt, student government association
Thomas Squire, communications student
Quinessa Winters, leadership challenge
John Yannessa, health promotion faculty
Rob Young, marine science faculty

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