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The 2010 Undergraduate Research Competition announced three prize winners for the best undergraduate research presentations judged on Feb 18, 2010 during the Ninth Celebration of Inquiry.  Katrina Smith and Patrick Hutchins, both marine science majors, tied for first place with an award of $500 each and Mary Purvis, an accounting major, earned third place, for an award of $100. (Only 3 awards are given, thereby eliminating second place due to the tie in first place.)

Smith's presentation was entitled "Preferential Fish Consumption Based Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Mercury Concentrations". Hutchins's presentation was " Mutualistic Interactions between Coral Symbiotic Algae and Coral Native Bacteria". Purvis's presentation was entitled " The Effect of Natural Weather Phenomenon on Homeowners Insurance in SC Coastal Counties."

Forty-four student presentations were judges by faculty members who rated the research presentations on originality, methodology, evidence of the research, its importance, and the presentations' clarity and organization. "Undergraduate research provides excellent opportunities for Coastal students to exercise critical thinking skills while collaborating with their peers and faculty mentors," stated Charmaine Tomczyk, Director for Undergraduate Research and Director of the Celebration on Inquiry Conference. Tomczyk adds, "Disseminating their research results to others through presentation enhances the value of their efforts and hones their presentation skills, too."

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