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From Curiosity to Exploration: Linking Knowing and Doing. Celebrating A Decade of Inquiry March 30 and 31, 2012.
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2012 Conference Planning Committees, Chairs & Members
Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of the Chairs or Co-chairs of each of the conference committees listed below. It is responsible for planning the event and overall implementation. The committee creates the theme of each conference, discusses and recommends keynote and plenary speakers, suggested revisions and special features for the event and reviews evaluation results for continuous improvement.

College Liaisons Committee

The College Liaisons Committee promotes the submission of proposals to the conference through colleagues and other contacts in their respective colleges and campus wide. The committee drafts sample topics and abstracts that reflect the conference theme and are posted on the conference website to encourage proposal ideas. The committee is responsible for reviewing and approving proposal submissions. This may include contacting the presenter(s) if revisions are recommended.

  • Co-Chairs: Crystal Edge, Computer Science Faculty
  • Carole Osborne, English Faculty
  • Amanda Brian, History Faculty
  • Jason Eastman, Art Faculty
  • Carolyn Dillian, Anthropology Faculty
  • Fang Ju Lin, Biology Faculty
  • Mark Mitchell, Marketing Faculty
  • Deborah Perkins, Psychology Faculty
  • Maria Luisa Torres, World Languages Faculty
  • Yoav Wachsman, Economics Faculty
  • Kehui Xu, Marine Science Faculty
  • Sharon Moses, Anthropology Faculty
  • Kristal Curry, Education Faculty
  • Keith Gurley, Education Faculty
  • Karen Fletcher, Grants And Sponsored Research
Conference Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for publicity, marketing and the creation of the conference program for printing and website posting. Downloading session data from the website, the committee compiles, formats, revises (as needed), and proofreads the conference program of scheduled events. The program includes a table of contents which includes conference sessions, general event information, indexes of session presenters and student hosts, as well as other concurrent campus events of interest to attendees.

  • Chair: Steve Sheel, Computer Science Faculty
  • Nikki Brown, Student Assistant
  • Debbie Connor, University Relations
  • Sandy Mishoe, Computer Science
  • Mona Prufer, Marketing Communications
  • Pat Taylor, Undergraduate Research Office
  • Travis Rogers, Graphic Arts Student
Logistics Committee

The Logistics Committee handles the setup and staffing of information tables positioned in various buildings throughout the days of the conference. The table staff provide conference programs, any changes in sessions, and directional assistance for attendees to buildings and rooms. Working with facilities and media services, this committee helps to insure conference sessions have the equipment and media requested by presenters and troubleshoots related questions or concerns raised during the days of the conference using an established cell phone directory.

  • Coordinator For Facilities: Sandy Hatcher, Facilities
  • Coordinator for information tables: Cheryl Smith, College of Science
  • Coordinator for media services: Judy Cannon, media services
  • Kelli Barker, OLLI
  • Jan Barringer, Conference Services
  • Penny Bell, Management, Marketing, Law
  • Jean Ann Butler, College of Education
  • Lynne Brock, College of Education
  • Bertha Fladger, Multicultural Student Services
  • Judy Hawkins, Conference Services
  • Buddy Hendrick, Facilities Planning &Amp; Management
  • Nyoka Hucks, College of Science
  • Michelle Marken, College of Science
  • David Parker, Media Services
  • Bonnie Senser, Politics and Geography
  • Tyrone Smith, Facilities
  • Staci Willett, College of Business
  • Bobbi Yurkin, College of Business
Receptions Committee

The Receptions Committee organizes and arranges for any events involving food service during the conference.

  • Chair: Geoff Parsons, International Programs
  • Terri Brothers, Food Services, ARAMARK
  • Debbie Connor, University Relations
  • Shawn Sease, Special Events
Scheduling Committee

The Scheduling Committee identifies and assigns timeslots and rooms for approved conference sessions using the Celebration’s online scheduling grid. These session assignments are determined by anticipated size of the session audience, the needs of the presenters as expressed in their proposals submissions and attention to the overall distribution of various types of session topics positioned throughout the entire event.

  • Co-Chairs: Jacquelyn Andrews, Registrar's Office
  • Frances Richmond, University College
  • Rosa Pleasant, College of Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Jan Barringer, Conference Services
  • Nikki Brown, Student Assistant
  • Brielle Vidal, Communications Intern
  • JoAnne Flanders, World Languages Faculty
  • Michelle Marken, College of Science
  • Donna Rogers, Information Technology Services
  • Pat Taylor, Undergraduate Research Office
Student Alumni Involvement Committee

The Student and Alumni Involvement Committee promotes the event to students and alumni and encourages their involvement through submitting proposals, attending sessions and serving as student hosts. The committee identifies and trains Coastal students who are responsible for welcoming (and counting) audience members to each session, introducing presenters at the start of each session, making sure each session includes Q&A, keeping the session on track for time, and thanking the audience for attending. The committee identifies ways to encourage alumni involvement and participation in the event. Each session is assigned a student host by the Communications Committee.

  • Chair: Pat Singleton-Young, multicultural student services
  • Jean Ann Brakefield, alumni affairs
  • Michael Collins, College of Business
  • Melissa Paschuck, academic advising
  • Diane Wilson, Student Activities
  • JoAnne Flanders, College of Humanities
  • Ashley Jones, Student, Pan Hellenic Council
  • Jimmy Turnmayer, Student, Inter-Fraternity Council
  • Alyssa Frison, Student, Leadership Challenge
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