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From Curiosity to Exploration: Linking Knowing and Doing. Celebrating A Decade of Inquiry March 30 and 31, 2012.
Focal Points
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Session Information
Session title: *required
Session Format: *required
Is this for the Undergraduate Research Competition? Yes or No.  
Click on 'Session Format' to get a description of the session formats.
Session abstract: *required
(This will be printed in the program. Please limit this to 50 words or less.)
Session description: *required
(Include information on how this session fits the conference theme: See
Focal Points

Room and Equipment Requirements:
Will students be required to attend (in order to look at room size)? Yes No
Please identify the type of room, length of your session and any special equipment that you will need during your session:
Room Type:
If other, specify:
If you requested a stage, explain why:
If other, specify:
Click on 'Specify length' to get more information about the session lengths.
Will you be supplying any of your own equipment? Yes No
Please choose the equipment you need for this session. Make sure you mark everything you need. For example, if you need both a TV and VCR, choose both. Also, be sure to include quantities if you need more than one of any item.
P.A. System
CD Player
Radio (Boom Box)
Cassette Recorder
DVD Player
Projector Screen
Slide Carousal
Laptop Computer
Internet Access
Dry Erase Board
Electronic Whiteboard
* Note that PowerPoint presentations should be saved in a format that can be read by a Windows-based system.
For presenters:
For attendees:
Chairs continued: (please check attached to desk if you do not have a preference)
Individual Chairs
Chairs attached to desks:
Quantities of Above Selected Equipment & Any Other Equipment:
How much setup time will you require?
How much tear down time will you require?
Do you need assistance setting this equipment up?  Yes No
Would you be willing to give this presentation twice? Yes No

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