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Faculty Resources for International Support

‌Whether you would like to develop and lead a study abroad program, establish a new international partnership to work on cooperative research, engage in artistic cooperation with partners abroad, obtain a prestigious Fulbright award, apply for an international grant, or receive some support for your participation in academic conferences abroad, we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

The following represent some of the main areas of cooperation:

  • Internationalizing your Curricula  - View webinars and other helpful resources to support the internationalization of your major or department.  
  • Creating new International Institutional agreements with partner universities, research partners, and other institutions abroad.  Please get in touch with Dr. Darla Domke-Damonte (Associate Provost for Global Initiatives) to help you craft a workable agreement and shepherd it through the approval processes at CCU. Examples of such cooperative partnerships include a partnership with Russian State Social University to work on collaborative book projects, a practical training site cooperation with Accademia dell'Arte (Italy) for Physical Theatre, short-term study program residential sites, and double degree programs with institutions in multiple countries.
  • Information and support for applications for international grants or prestigious awards, such as Fulbright.  CCU currently has over 16 Fulbright alumni. Mentoring help is available to help faculty develop competitive proposals.  
  • Assistance with travel organization, travel insurance, visa, and institutional/cultural environments abroad.
  • International Education Week‌ - Each year in November, the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of State set aside a week to help focus on awareness of other cultures and institutional settings.  Coastal Carolina University has organized events to recognize this week.  All faculty are welcome to share their ideas with the International Programs Committee of Faculty Senate representatives and/or directly with the Office of International Programs and Services. 
  • CCU Faculty Teaching in China ("@Chinese Campus Program") - Through cooperation with partner institutions in China, teach for 4 weeks in China. This program provides opportunities to build research partnerships and learn about Chinese culture and language.  Application deadlines:  December 15, 2015 (for Summer 2016) and April 15, 2016 (for Fall/Winter 2016). @ Chinese Campus Program Application_2016
  • New initiatives with high potential for raising awareness of Coastal Carolina University, bringing increased international student populations to Coastal Carolina University, and/or increasing the global awareness of the CCU community - Please share your ideas and/or requests with Darla Domke-Damonte, Associate Provost for Global Initiatives at +1 843 349 2129 or ddamonte@coastal.edu.
  • Developing and Leading Short-term Study Abroad Programs
    • Faculty Peer Mentoring Program for Study Abroad - This program was established in 2009 to support the development of experienced program leaders who can lead exceptional study abroad programs of great value to CCU's students. Application forms are due on January 29, 2016 and are available on the CCU Forms page under "Office of International Programs."
    • Writing Circles for Study Abroad Program Development - Consult the CeTEAL Listings for this semester's offerings.
    • CCU Study Abroad Program Development & Implementation Guide for Program Leaders - This manual provides background and step-by-step guidelines for faculty interested in developing and leading study abroad programs.  It is now provided on the CCU Forms page under "Office of International Programs."
    • Short-term Study Abroad Program Support - The Office of International Programs and Services coordinates the review of new and ongoing programs, advertising, application process, and (for some programs) budget management for study abroad programs, making the faculty member's job a little easier and providing university-wide promotional programming each fall for all short-term study abroad programs. 
    • Short-term Study Abroad Program Development Cycle - Each year the Office of International Programs and the International Programs Committee of Faculty Senate welcome new applications and ongoing programs for providing short-term study abroad programs for CCU students.  Additional meeting times and workshops are organized to help faculty in their development of these programs, as well as ongoing coaching.  Deadlines for submitting program proposals to be offered from August 2016 - 2017 are shown below.  APplications are availalble on the CCU Forms page under "Office of International Programs."

Key Study Abroad Program Proposal Deadlines:

October 2015:     CeTEAL Writing Circles for Study Abroad Development (Register online).

1/15/2016:           Deadline for department chairs to receive communication from any faculty members interested in developing/leading a study abroad program for 2016/17.                                         (Leaders of long-standing programs should also indicate their desire to continue to offer the programs they have led in the past by this deadline.)

1/22/2016:           Deadline for department chairs to provide preliminary feedback to faculty members related to which programs should move forward to proposal status based on fit                               and feasibility of the program with departmental/program goals and/or multidisciplinary benefits.

January 2016:       CeTEAL Writing Circles for Study Abroad Development (Register online).

2/5/2016:             Program leaders meeting any of the criteria noted above have met with Mr. Geoffrey Parsons

2/19/2016:           Deadline for submission of the complete short-term study abroad proposal (including budget) to the department chair and dean for approval. (Programs that                                        involve courses from multiple colleges should be routed to the individual department chairs for approval and then to Geoffrey Parsons in the Office of International                              Programs and Services for further processing.)

3/4/2016:             Completed program applications are due in the Office of International Programs and Services (including all signatures and required materials in paper copy and                                    electronic format as noted above)

4/15/2016:           Review cycle through International Programs Committee, Associate Provost and Provost

4/22/2016:           Communication to faculty leaders about proposals

4/28/2016:           First meeting with all 2016/17 faculty leaders

 External Funding Support for Faculty Activities:

  • 2015 AsiaNetwork Faculty Enhancement Program -Thailand Seminar .  This program offers funding and seminar support for a faculty member from any field who is interested in strengthening the institution's Asian Studies program.  Assistant professors and junior faculty are encouraged to apply. Deadlines vary.
  • 2015 AsiaNetwork Student-Faculty Fellows Information.  This program offers $5000 to faculty and $5000 to students to conduct student-driven research in Asia.  Faculty can come from any field, but faculty teams with one an expert on Asia and another an expert from a different academic field are encouraged to apply to co-mentor students in their research. Deadlines vary.

Please contact the Associate Provost for Global Initiatives, Darla Domke-Damonte (ddamonte@coastal.edu or +1 843 349 2129) or the Office of International Programs and Services for more information in the Jackson Student Union - Room A109, or by phone at +1 843 349 2129.