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Office of International Programs & Services
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Pre-Arrival Checklist

New incoming international students will need to do the following before arriving at Coastal Carolina University:

  1. ‌‌Secure your Enrollment
  2. Register for Orientation
  3. Start the Visa Process
  4. Complete and Submit Health History & Immunization Forms
  5. Purchase Health Insurance
  6. Send Travel Plans to OIPS
  7. Read What to Expect & What to Bring

Secure your Enrollment. 

After you have been accepted to Coastal Carolina University, you will need to secure your enrollment.  Enrollment is quick and easy and you can do everything online. To secure your enrollment, you need to take the following steps:

  • Submit a $100 enrollment deposit to hold your space in class. The enrollment deposit is waived for exchange students and double-degree students. Degree-seeking students are required to pay the deposit.
  • Apply for campus housing. Students will have to pay a $50 housing application fee and $100 housing deposit.  If needed, we can provide international students with a deferment code and the $150 will be applied to your bill, which can be paid after you arrive. Please e-mail melissa@coastal.edu for a deferment code.
  • Orientation. All international students are required to attend International Student Orientation and arrive on-campus on Wednesday, Janaury 7th to move into housing. The orientation program will begin the following day. If you are unable to attend orientation, please contact Melissa Paschuck at melissa@coastal.edu immediately for approval.

Register and Pay for Orientation. 

All new international students are required to attend the International Student Orientation program. You must arrive on-campus on Wednesday, January 7 to move into housing. The orientation program will begin the following day. Please visit the International Student Orientation page to see the orientation schedule and to register and pay for orientation. 

Note: Degree-seeking students are require to register and pay for orientation.  Exchange students and double-degree students, coming from partner insitiutions, are not charged an additional fee for orienation and do not need to register for orientation. However, exchange students and double-degree students are also required to attend International Student Orientation and to arrive on-campus on Wednesday, January 7th. 

If there are special circumstances preventing you from arriving in time to participate in orientation, please contact Melissa Paschuck at melissa@coastal.edu immedately for approval.


Start the Visa Process. 

In your acceptance package, you will find your acceptance letter, information on how to access your Coastal e-mail, an enrollment guide that explains how to apply for housing on campus and more, and a letter from OIPS with your I-20 or DS-2019 attached. As an international student wanting to enter the United States, you will need to apply for a visa at the American embassy or consulate nearest you. For more information about the visa process, visit our Visas & Immigration page.


Complete and Submit Health History & Immunization Forms

Every student attending Coastal Carolina University is required to meet the University's Immunization Requirements prior to registration, and submit a copy of their immunization record to student health services prior to enrollment. To complete this requirement, each student is required to fill out and submit both of the following forms: Health History - Immunization

Tips for filling out the Health History-Immunization form:

  • 1st page: Student completes form and signs at the bottom
  • 2ndpage: Student completes top and middle section if he/she knows the dates of immunizations. If not, a doctor should fill it out. At the bottom where there is a box on the “meningococcal vaccine,” the student needs to either get the vaccination or decline the vaccination by checking the box and signing. If the student chooses to get the vaccination, he/she does not need to sign in the box, but only provide the date of vaccination.
  • 3rd page: Student may fill out the top and the middle if he/she knows the dates of your immunizations. If not, his/her doctor should fill it out.
  • If a student is from a  “high risk” country, he/she is required to have the TB screening completed. See the form for more details.

If the student has an immunization booklet and all the required vaccinations are listed in his/her immunization booklet, the student does not have to have a doctor’s signature. If any of the required vaccinations are not listed in the immunization booklet, the student is required to have his/her doctor sign the form.

For more information about the required and recommended immunizations, please click here.


Purchase Health Insurance.

Health insurance is required for all international students per Coastal Carolina University and U.S. government regulations. The minimum insurance requirements vary depending on if you are a J1 or F1 status international student.  J1 students are in the United States for an exchange program and are generally here from one semester to a year.  F1 students have chosen Coastal Carolina University as their school of choice, and are degree-seeking. 

If you have personal medical insurance already, please make sure that it meets Coastal's requirements found at the below link. If so, we require submit a copy, in English, of the policy coverage and proof that it is valid until the end of your stay at Coastal.

For complete information about Coastal's health insurance requirements and a short list of companies that sell insurance for international students, click here.


Send your Travel Plans to the Office of International Programs & Services (OIPS).

For students arriving for next semester into Myrtle Beach International Airport (Airport Code: MYR), we will arrange for someone to meet you at the airport and take you to campus. We can only guarantee pick-up from the airport to campus for flights arriving at Myrtle Beach International. For more detailed information about traveling to Coastal, click here.

Please send the following information as soon as you make your travel plans to Melissa Paschuck at melissa@coastal.edu:

  • Arrival airport
  • Departure City
  • Name of Airline
  • Flight Number
  • Date and time of arrival

For example, you might be flying into MYR on Delta Airlines, Flight number DL5211 from Atlanta, arriving at 6:53pm on Wednesday, January 7th.


Read the sections What to Expect & What to Bring.

These sections will help you to understand what you will need to bring with you as well as provide answers to many of the questions students have prior to coming to Coastal Carolina Universtiy.